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www.mast-victims.org forum / Technical / If I can't block low frequency noise (CELL TOWER HUM), can I DEFLECT it?
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# Posted: 11 Jul 2012 06:04

I was thinking along the lines of stealth jet shape, with large flat angular surfaces.
Imagine a 4-sided elongated pyramid shape. The walls are made of alternating materials of varying densities, like foam/plywood/foam/sheetrock/foam or whatever.

If the base is made slightly bigger than the mattress and hung from the ceiling (or stands around bed not worked out yet) does anyone think it would make some of the sound dissipate/deflect? I value everyone's opinion of this idea, but would really like to hear from a sound engineer! (I can visualize high frequency short waves and their [very] basic physics when they encounter objects, but these very long waves are very difficult to visualize.)

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