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Hope never dies
# Posted: 15 May 2013 07:29

I got a Sony vaio laptop that absolutely makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding and adjusting the lightening seems to do nothing , it just seems like it shoots too much emf I can only stay like 5 min max on it , are there any special settings for laptops , lighting or battery setings suitable for emf sensitive people?
any special type of glass wear as well ?
thanks in advance

hope never dies.

# Posted: 15 May 2013 11:34

Hope never dies,

The Dell latitude models with magnesium chassis are fairly good at shielding own EMF.
The metallic covering means that it can be grounded easily.

You could try putting some window sun-film in front of the screen to block out EMF. Just make sure the window film has metallic based screening. The newer chemically-based ones won't block EMF.

There's a list of EMF-blocking window film types here.

Hope never dies
# Posted: 15 May 2013 22:52

Thank you very much :) Henrik

do you know how I could ground a laptop without connecting it to the radiator or to the outside garden?

but definitely if I were to buy a new laptop it would be dell right ?

# Posted: 17 Jul 2017 14:37

I hired an accoustimeter and found that standing by my wifi enabled laptop all day was my main source of radiation, so ive used a 5 metre cable to plug it into my router in the hallway, and turned off wifi on my laptop. i also turn off the wireless on the router when im home and alone and set it to turn off itself between 2am and 6am (when others wont notice :) )

# Posted: 22 Jul 2017 11:08

Hi Everyone, it's been a while since checking in on this forum and I want to wish a better and healthier future for all.

My research over the past 7-8 years into the dangers of EMF on our bodies especially our brains (neurological defects) is simply staggering. So many in the medical field know this but are silenced.
I have spoken to quite a few due to being on the receiving end of harm but it goes no further than a "oh I'm sorry to hear you have a brain aneurysm or get serious headaches using a mobile phone or your sensitive to the emissions of non-ionising radiation but there is nothing I can do to help alleviate that problem".

I found that those in positions of authority or in the medical field even in the environmental
Field do not want to involve themselves. This is proof that harm to the general public is on a mass scale. Their silence will one day come back to haunt them.

Looking into a few things the other day I came across a link that stated the Mayor of Berkeley, California, Jesse Arreguin has put in legislation that all mobile stores have in place warning signs for mobile usage. Protection covers are advised.

On reading this I checked for any warning signs in mobile stores in my area. There are none
to be seen ! My City Council are not interested because we have now become Tech City.
That is our new slogan. 5G is here with a vengence !

What I did find and wish to pass it on is an address and contact number many of you viewers may be interested in as it's a UK company that sells protection kits for mobile phone usage alongside many other communication items and info.

BioProtective Systems (copyright 2015)
EMF Radiation Protection Products

Bio Protective Systems
PO Box 8988
LE41 9EU
Tel: 0116 2676599 Email: info@bioprotectivesystems.com

Hope this helps someone.
My regards to Agnes.

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