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# Posted: 13 Nov 2013 07:35


I'm planning to move to a new home that has a BS almost with zero vertical distance and around 220m horizontal distance. So my window would be located in-front of the antenna.
I don't have a measuring device so I've just used my cell-phone to measure the received signal power at home. I measured the serving as well as neighbour cells with different SIM cards (to get the different operators). The max received power from any cell was around -50dBm (it was even less when I was little away from the window).
I've then used this site:
to convert this dBm value into w/m2. I've assumed a worst case scenario of 0dBi antenna gain and 2500MHz frequency.
This gave me 0.000008739 W/m2 which is well below the threshold defined by BioInitiatve (0.0001 W/m2). I was able to measure around 7 or 8 cells from each operator from my window (most of them was around -80dBm except 1 or 2).

Do you think such a way of measurement is reasonable, or I'm missing something?

I've done this measurement in different places in Cairo, Egypt and always got a similar number of cells with similar readings. Does this indicate that all these places would have the same effect (either good or bad)?

Best Regards,

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