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# Posted: 15 Nov 2013 15:17


Could anyone explain me the what means RMS value averaged over 6 minutes ? (as ICNIRP guidlines is specifying)

I understand what men peak value.
I don't understand what means RMS value averaged over 6 minutes.

This means:
A. measuring RMS S1, RMS S2 ...RMS Sn, for 6 minutes and having
RMS S averaged over 6 minutes= sqrt (1/n * (S1*S1 + S2*S2 +...+ Sn*Sn)


B. measuring peak S1, peak S2.......peak Sn for 6 minutes and having

RMS S averaged over 6 minutes=sqrt (1/n * (S1*S1 + S2*S2 +...+ Sn*Sn)

In this case RMS =average over 6 minutes


# Posted: 21 Nov 2013 16:56

I think that the 6 minute average in the ICNIRP guidelines means the average of the "individual" RMS values taken as the exposure measruement, so it would be option A. With option B, you get the average peak measurement. RMS is a way of specifying the intensity of a varying wave, such as a radiowave, rather than a way of expressing averages of various measuements.

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