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# Posted: 5 Apr 2016 00:12 - Edited by: emfwifi

hi, I have some questions due to being so new to EMF, EHS, etc...

1). Cornet 78S meter "screams" in my bedroom. Narrowed it down to a cell tower .38 mi away or mast .20 mi away, but both are obstructed by many buildings. However, most of the time (when the smart meters are not spiking the numbers, that is), the RF is usually about .0014 to .0150 mw/m2 on average. Even in the area of .0014 mw/m2, the Cornet makes a loud screeching sound. Why is this? Shouldn't the meter be "louder" in areas of greater RF?

2). Which area is worse to sleep in:

A). Bedroom where average RF is lower (.0014 to .0200 mw/m2 with periodic smart meter "spikes" of no greater than .1207 mw/m2)


B). Bedroom where there are no spikes but due to neighbors' wifi, the room is consistently .0150 to .0430 mw/m2

Is it better to be in an area with lower average RF plus spikes, or an area with a slightly higher RF average plus no spikes?

Question 3). I have a uni-directional meter, where all but ONE angle shows a relative low RF and mG level. However, in that one angle, the RF is higher, and it goes up to 2 mG.

If this is the case, that uni-directional meters don't spot a higher EMF source unless you are holding it in that direction, how do you measure the total EMF effect on health?

For example, my meter is OK in a certain part of my room (<.0050 mw/m2) - it is only bad when I hold it a certain angle (.0250 mw/m2). Should I figure then, that due to that ONE angle, my total exposure is .0250 mw/m2??

Please explain the uni-directional vs. tri-axial measurement system and how to interpret the difference in terms of health. . Thanks!

# Posted: 5 Apr 2016 10:24

The german Building Biologists have developed a standard for guidelines for EMF exposure. I have translated the relevant parts of that standard to english. The translation can be found here:

You can make triaxial measurements with a single-axis meter. You take a reading in all three dimensions and add these readings. If the readings are in a unit related to power density (W/m˛) the three single axis measurements can just be added. If the readings are in V/m another calculation should be used. I have made an online calculator for such calculations. The calculator can be found at:

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 7 Apr 2016 00:11

Dear Kim.
We owe you thanks for your translation of the RF doc.

We have found that we have massive "Dirty Electricity" Magnetic Field contamination in our work offices on grounds of our "semi-detached" offices neighbors electrical panel, just beneath one of our offices.
Thanks to Henrik's old monitor (just received) as well as instructions we are trying to find out how and what we can do, and there your standard guidelines translation will tell us, if this is of concern, serious or low.

Best regards.

# Posted: 14 Apr 2016 22:44

Thank you for the information...this is very helpful!

# Posted: 24 Jul 2017 18:09

It has been done very sneaky.
So hardly anybody knows about it.,
Here in the Netherlands anyway.

They have exchanges a number of GSM900 antenna's with NB-IoT antennas.
Internet of Things, nobody can do without it anymore, they want us to beleive.

Our NB-IoT antennas do transmit at 954.703MHz
But the UMTS900 is transmitting at 957,4MHz.

The difference bewteen these two is only 3MHz, while the bandwith is 15 MHz, it is my opinion that here an interference may occur.
And electrosensitive persons report complaints.

We have successfully shielded them with this glassfiber G-ES
Sold by biologe-GMBH.com
(not only 20dB for the transversal waves, but mainly for the biologically active longitudinal waves.)

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