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# Posted: 20 Jun 2016 00:49

HI - I'm new to this forum so would like to say hello.

My partner and I recently bought a lovely new house around 100m away from a GSM / UMTS phone mast... and also fairly close to a Police radio / tetra station from the other direction.

Having moved from a house that had no such problems... It was only after spending time at the new property that I started to notice ill effects like headaches / tinnitus / mild nausea and dizziness.

We had commissioned an EMF survey before completing our purchase... by a company that states it would advise against buying any houses that breached the safe limits set by the strict biological building guidelines. The results came back in what the surveyor said was a fairly normal range... an average of 40uW/m2. He said that the ideal range would have been between 0.1-10 uW/m2 according to biological building guidelines - but that because there were a total of 5 transmitters in the area - that this safe range should be multiplied by 5... therefore a maximum of 50 uW/m2 was perfectly acceptable - and so we shouldn't worry about our average reading of 40 uW/m2. He said if we did have any concerns we could easily shield with paint to reduce any risk. We therefore went ahead with our purchase

First of all - I am not necessarily disputing his expertise - but I'm really struggling to understand how safe limits as stated by the biological building guidelines are between 0.1-10.... yet just because a number of masts exist in the area this safe range can be multiplied. Surely a safe limit is a safe limit for the human body - and it shouldn't make any difference whether there is one or ten masts in the vicinity?

My second concern is that we subsequently bought a Tenmars 3 axis RF meter, and the levels that I am reading on my meter are way in excess of his measurements... often around the 200 uW/m2 in places. Could it be that he just had much more sophisticated equipment - or there may be inaccuracies in his report?

I'm guessing that even if we had been advised incorrectly - there is absolutely nothing we can do legally - even though we based our decision to buy on the results of the survey?

Bearing this in mind - we would like to shield ourselves from the mast. I have bought some Y-Shield paint - but am currently struggling to get accurate info on how best to use it. As the mast is slightly higher than our house - should we look at painting ceilings as well as walls? If there is more than one source of RF radiation - will we end up having to paint the whole room - or should we concentrate on shielding 1-2 walls against the source closest to us?

Then there's grounding....Y-Shield state the paint must be earthed - and sell a grounding system which involves taping the walls and running through a grounding plate. (It says this MUST be done before painting) However - other advice suggests that sometimes grounding can make matters worse - and that it is better to test the situation after painting to see if grounding will help. EMFields sell a much cheaper earth/grounding lead (which can perhaps be installed after painting?) but there is very little info on the site on how and when to use it? Which one should I go for?

We would also like to use a sleeping canopy in one of the bedrooms. I have bought some naturell fabric - in order to make custom drapes for a four poster style bed we have.. but again - I'm not clear on if, and how this should be grounded?

The whole situation feels very overwhelming / confusing - and I feel we desperately need some solid advice on all of the above. I don't know whether anyone here can help - with either advice, or links to good information

Many thanks!

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