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# Posted: 6 Sep 2017 19:25

NB-IoT is Narrow Band Internet of Things.

Overhere in the Netherlands, NB-IoT mobile phone masts have been activated in June/July 2017. It was done very silently.On one single mast there is:

945-950MHz = LTE900 ......950MHz
950-955MHz = NB-IoT .......954,703MHz
955-960MHz = UMTS900 ..957,4MHz

Normally there is a large distance between frequencies of several transmitters, but here they overlap each other, and are too close to each other, so an interference may be good possible.

Anyway, I do not know what this new signal has as propertie, but it is devastating.
My wife noe is not sensitive to mobole phonemasts, GSM, UMTS, LTE, DECT, WLAN and free Wifi. I am not sensitive al all, and feel nothing normally.

Since July, my wife experienced troubles in the kitchen and bedroom, opposite the NB-IoT antenna. We were able to make a shielding with special materials.

Last year we walked on foot to our shopping centre, 1 KM away, amidst of many masts, DECT and Wifi, without any trouble
But coming outside now, my wife and me, we got heartproblems before we reached 200 meters.

Yesterday I did a test:
I have a Beuer CM 58 wrist blood pressure meter, and was wearing it while doing the test. I only used the on/off button.

Bloodp[ressure inside the appartment: 130.
Then I went outside next to our front door (third floor), facing the BN-IoT antenna.
After a few moments I measured my bloodpressure again , still standing at our door: now: 174.
Back into the appartment: Lowered to 153.

All this within 5 minutes, and with the Beuer still at my wrist.

I have never felt anything by elektrosmog, and stll do not react to other elektrosmog sources.

I have some 20 years experience as building biologist with house surveys and measuring electrosensitive persons, but this is very strange and weird.

Since July, I have heard of new complaints of high blood pressures, heart troubles, and trips/stumbling for no reason. A frriend in Germany just wrote me that his wife had serious high blood pressure since a few weeks.

It looks like a sinister *death ray*.

# Posted: 6 Sep 2017 23:43

This is horrendous. Not a surprise, but horrendous all the same. I have been braced for this "5G" world for a while, hoping for the best but fearing the very worst..for everyone.

How do they expect society to survive such an onslaught on their bodies?


# Posted: 7 Sep 2017 10:33


Thanks for the information. Here's a related anecdote:

Back in 2013 I was invited on to a two hour long Danish radio programme where the host wanted to do a live, on-the-air EHS test. I explained beforehand how difficult it would be to do something like this properly but the host was adamant on doing it. I objected to the whole idea but agreed to participate as long as I got to verify the testing rooms with my gear (Gigahertz Solutions HF59B).

The exposure-room was to be full of hidden active wireless gadgets (like Wi-Fi router, smartphone, ipad) and the other as radiation-free as possible. The only "quiet" room we could find was deep down in the basement.

The host had gotten the science dept. of Copenhagen University to come up with a double-blinded protocol that could be performed live on-air and would give reliable results.

EHS-participants were blindfolded, ear-plugged and the testing room sequence was determined by throw of dice. An assistant (not knowing which room was exposed or not) lead the participants into the rooms in the random sequence and quietly observed them while they were in there. The participant could stay as long as they needed to determine whether there was exposure of not. But the EHS persons only needed a short while.

Long story short: all EHS-participants got the room sequence correct - ie. they could accurately tell which room had radiation exposure. No surprise there. However, the really interesting bit was that the radio show host asked a colleague (who self-proclaimed to not be able to feel Wi-Fi, phones etc.) to do the test as well and although the colleague couldn't tell whether there had been exposure or not, the assistant who lead the blindfolded participants to the rooms and observed, said after learning which room had radiation, that in the exposure-room neck arteries had visibly stood out on all the participants (both EHS and non-EHS).

Just an anecdote but it helps to explain that most peoples blood pressure is being adversely affected by this radiation exposure.

Link to the radio programme in the station archive (in Danish):
Part 1:
http://www.radio24syv.dk/programmer/forfra-med-jeppesen/7881086/forfra-med-jeppesen-u ge-11-2013-1
Part 2:
http://www.radio24syv.dk/programmer/forfra-med-jeppesen/7881345/forfra-med-jeppesen-u ge-11-2013-2

# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 00:21


at the time when my wife was electrosensitive, I was asked to do a radio interview in another city.
The interview was done in a bar, where at the end there was a DECT and the radio technician was relaying the talks by transmitting them to the radio studio.

Afterwards they did send me the audio files, so my wife could hear what I had said.
As soon as I had stared to play the audio files to my wife, she asked me to stop it, because she felt ill by hearing it.
Unintentionally, the frequencies of the DECT as well as the wifi transmision have been included into the audio files.

I know persons who experience problems when they receive a phone call from somebody who uses a DECT. Even when an elektrosmog source is in direct surrounding of the phone apparatus.

On my wbesite I have placed a number of recorded modulations of several elektrosmog sources as MP3 files.
Just playing them caused my wife to have adverse health effects.

Gebbensleben states, that the brain stores the characteristics of modulations, and leter remembers them by hearing them again, and makes trouble.
So a new signal may not be bad, but when the body hears it a second time, problems my occur.

# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 02:19

This explains a lot. Thanks for posting, Charles.


# Posted: 10 Sep 2017 15:08

I have asked Gebbensleben, the specialist about longitudinal waves , concerning this. I have tried to translate his (German) response>

With these different phone masts are resonances present. That is correct, but these are not electrical resonances, but nuclear resonances. All antennas do radiate Hyperschall fields with the same vibration *silicium*. That is independant from the electrical frequency. And these vibrations add up vectorial at all places, with the result that very fast Hyperschall peaks of 3.300 dB come together. That much I have measured at the galary in front of your appartment. 3.300 dB are typical for the LTE network. The results are catastrophic. In a city nearby is a mobile phone mast in the centre of the residential areat. Since then, many persons got cancer. In a schoolclass 3 pupils of the third grade have got brainstumors.

I am not so sensitive for these fields, but my wife. The reason is, that we men with our intense spiritual activity, we radiate a strong Hyperschall field (some 300 dB by you), which surrounds us like an aura and reflects totally strange radiation. Our wifes on the contrary do not radiate such a field and are the elektrosmog defenseless extradited.

More on Gebbensleben at http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina600.html

# Posted: 16 Sep 2017 22:40 - Edited by: horsevad

The Ultra NarrowBand technology utilised by many of the IoT concepts is actually very interesting from a technical point of view.

By reducing the bitrate and focusing all available transmitter effect into a very small bandwidth (about 100Hz for a 100bps signal) a tremendous range can be achieved with very little transmitter power.

The individual IoT unit transmits with 15 dBm EIRP (30mW), but the Base Station Transceiver has a very sensitive receiver - and is able to decode signals down to -142 dBm. From a purely technical perspective this is a wonderful feat of engineering. From a health perspective this is really troublesome, as this implies that the signal retains decodeable coherent ELF-components down to about 0.0000000000000000063 W antenna input.

The signal strength of a given signal is probably of lesser importance in regard to the signals bioreactivity. The real determining factor of bioreactivity is the level of coherence which can be decoded from the signal by analog (biological systems).

The IoT network beeing implemented in Denmark uses BPSK modulation for the uplink and GFSK modulation for the downlink. Each of these has distinct ELF components.

The uplink signal looks like this when decoded:

Sigfox IoT UNB BPSK Uplink

Sigfox IoT UNB BPSK Uplink

Full implementation of this technology has the potential to cause devastation and suffering of biblical proportions.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 25 Sep 2017 17:55

Especially for the new NB-IoT antenna's, I have made special ClaeSmog 2, which can handle these signals better.
So there is ClaeSmog 1 for normal elektrosmog, and the heavier ClaeSmog 2 for all and NB-IoT.

Our blood pressure is normal again. No more heart troubles.

Be aware that the signals from NB-IoT are relatively very weak, compared to other RF signals, but they do have an enormous biological impact.
Shielding should be done with special glass fibre materials.

# Posted: 8 Jun 2020 04:17

Interesting, don't know what they are doing in the Land of Snooze, but I can feel a specific frequency that doesn't register on any EMR metres available. Since 5G 3.5GHz has been introduced in the evening the airways go mad when all the neighbours are streaming. It feels as though they are not only emitting on 3.5GHz, there is some other unknown. Last Friday 5th June between 5-9PM the whole area was loaded up and my metre was registering erratically from -42dBm to -49dBm, when it's normally -54.5dBm. My BP was 203/105. This has happened three other time over the past month, I can't put it down to them using 10-30Ghz, but it feels like they are using down to 800MHz. And our government tells our people that it's all safe and there is no medical research around the proves differently.

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