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# Posted: 3 Nov 2014 11:04

Has everyone seen this...... http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/research:the-wifi-genocide

# Posted: 4 Nov 2014 00:47

Thank you Torment.
I have seen it and sent a link to a friend in Africa.

This is terrifying, but Who Cares as long as the cash comes rolling in??

Casualties have always littered the road of big industry and wars.

Percentages of casualties are even calculated and accepted.
And Never forget, better Our bodies than Theirs, governments and industry folk seem to think They are Invulnerable, they might be right now, but not for long, Then All will be in Our situation, and then maybe we get something done about it!
Best regards.

# Posted: 4 Nov 2014 02:53

Some terrific info, delivered in a pleasingly direct manner (I am so sick of pussyfooting attitudes....we should have moved on from bland "is wi-fi bad for our kids?" seminar speeches a LONG time ago).

I find the site design a bit OTT and messy, but brilliant information.


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