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hector ballast
# Posted: 17 Jun 2005 01:07

Hi and thanks very much Henrik for the site. I very much agree that more of the public need to be reached. I don't like being the first to post though - it's like drawing on a freshly-painted wall!

I think there is a need for simple public-friendly information, like factsheets on the issues, to be readily available - especially the health issue as it is awareness of the potential health problems that brings people out in support.

Of course there is a lot of very useful information all over the web, but new campaigners have the double task of dealing the council and giving information about masts to the other local residents. Both of these can be steep learning curves.

My question - is there a place on the site where resources like this (for example an A4 factsheet in Word format) could be stored and simply downloaded by others to be printed and distributed locally.

I think this would make it easier to reach the public, and save a lot of the campaigners time.

Another reason I ask is that I have a factsheet on the mast/mobile health issues and wondered if it could be made available if anyone else could use it or, alternatively, to help improve it.



# Posted: 17 Jun 2005 10:05

Hi Hector,
Yes, you are right: we need a base of accessible factssheets and articles.
I've been planning a "library" section where such articles are indexed and can be searched by keywords.

A distributable & printable factsheet is a great idea!

The site does need a bit of "cleaning" and needs to get more organised.
Since the site went live, it has taken off like we never expected and now the job is to get it into shape so that people visiting get the message.
Any ideas are much appreciated.

If you have a good factsheet ready, please do send it:

# Posted: 13 Jul 2005 14:45

EMF factsheet is now online.
Get it here

James Martin
# Posted: 3 Feb 2006 20:56

I'm in the USA (Santa Fe, New Mexico), and a friend told me about this web site.

Just a thought.... I think these Fact Sheets which we require on various subjects under the major heading of EMF/EMR health hazards should be useful to all English speaking people in the world. We have a need for top notch distilations of the available knowledge right up to the moment. Dated and insufficiently broad summaries are less useful than thoroughgoing distilations.

And I think it is equally important that we produce a summary statement of the political, scientific, and public relations manipulations, deciet, malfeasance, etc., which one can dig up behind the scenes in the history of the cell phone (etc.) industry. These can be provided to investigative reporters, politicians, the public, etc..., saving each of us from having to continuously re-invent the wheel from scratch.

James Martin
# Posted: 3 Feb 2006 22:24

I would like to hear from people who would like to explore collaboration on producing excellent summary statements, handouts, booklets, etc., for use by English speaking people world wide.

My idea is to create PDF files for posting on various web-sites. These can be downloaded for free, printed, copied and distributed to government officials of all levels of government, journalists, the general public, regulatory agencies, and so on.

These statements would generally be brief, and would be of the best final, finished version, quality. They would be the best summary statements on various aspects of our concerns, and would be used internationally by EMR activists. These informational packets and fliers (etc.) would be highly collaborative creations, and would see many hands before being approved for posting.

Good idea?

Write: James Martin - greenshift@yahoo.com

Please feel free to copy this message and distribute by e-mail, etc.

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