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# Posted: 6 Jan 2020 04:36

Hi guys,

I've spent the last 5-6 years researching EMF, including hiring an expert to come to the house and have all aspects tested. My God it runs deep. Even your Xbox...no way to turn off the WIFI of it, even if you have a wired controller. The only thing that stops it is unplugging it.

Things to watch out for are routers and access points, make sure WIFI on the TV is turned OFF, your printer (go into settings and turn WIFI OFF)....get a meter and TEST everything. Wifi cameras like Nest and Dropcam, and get RID of Alexa and all voice activated 'assistants'. They're routers and they listen to everything you say, then use it to sell you related items.

Your most important area of the house is your sleeping area. The body is repairing, and simply cannot do it if infected with EMF. There are some nice "mosquito net" type shielding cloths that are manufactured to go over the bed, look nice, and protect against all EMF while you sleep.

TEST the tinnitus! In a second I'm going to give you a link on Youtube to Jack Kruse. He's a neuro surgeon on the east coast who is deep into this stuff and he TESTS his theories on himself. He's so smart you won't be able to follow a lot of what he says, but hang in there. He has some forums that are incredible and the members are very knowledgeable. Jack wanted to see what effects non-native EMF has on the body and psyche and so he found a location that put him totally underground (cabin, bunker of some kind most likely) and stayed there for a week. When he came out he said that's when he truly realized how horrifyingly damaging EMF is to the body. Because of what he experienced when it was GONE. You could conduct a similar test by going "underground" for 3-5 days. Maybe an Airbnb which is an underground bunker? I'm sure they have them. Here's a podcast with Jack...


Listen, this is not going away no matter which politician you "write to". It's far too deep, with too many agendas from too many interested parties. That would be like trying to get Big Pharma to dry up and disappear. There are some seriously evil people behind it.

To see how deep this rabbit hole goes, watch this video featuring Harald Kautz Vella. He's a German scientist, young guy, very studious, and not afraid to go after the truth of the matter in a scientific way. He uncovers documents from NASA, and fits the pieces of the puzzle together. There's part 1 and 2, total an hour. Youtube has tried to bury it (owned by Google, one of the worst), so I downloaded the files and have them on my Brighteon channel.



If you want to be amazed get a meter that measures this stuff. Best thing you'll ever do. I've loaned it to friends who were renting a new apartment and it stopped them from moving in. You'll be able to truly see what's coming at you and where it's coming from. For a true shock, take it on the highway with you. The highway is one of the worst due to so many cell towers. You're in a microwave.

And speaking of microwaves, put the meter on THAT in your kitchen. You'll never use one again. Here's the meter, a good one that I can vouch for.

https://www.amazon.com/Hf35c-Rf-Analyze-800mhz-Detection/dp/B007L09DLY/ref=pd_sbs_328 _1/146-1774016-6584855?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B007L09DLY&pd_rd_r=5e414c53-6cdb-40a5-8 c60-8c0d0861db93&pd_rd_w=wIBkL&pd_rd_wg=cMdM2&pf_rd_p=7c0dad87-8a25-4c4f-9349-026039e a6cb3&pf_rd_r=1VBT9XA2843HQKEZDF8M&psc=1&refRID=1VBT9XA2843HQKEZDF8M

Personally, I bought 150 acres to push back everything, but that's because I can afford to. I realize many are not in that situation, but you need to do what you can. I'm SO much healthier because of it, sleep SO much better. Much happier. But it took work. Every step you take no matter how small is a good one. Start with educating yourself. Learn the enemy.

Now this meter won't detect 5G. Welcome to hell on that one. 5G is millimeter wave which is a whole other kettle of fish...until now used mostly by the military. Millimeter wave is what they use in the device you walk into at the airport that spins around you while you hold your hands in the air. The people that work around those machines are ridden with cancer and symptoms. It's covered up but I've watched a video that interviewed a whistleblower who worked the machine....they knew far too much about it not to believe it was true. They were dealing with a host of symptoms including cancer. They turned on 5G in the Netherlands to test it and 400 birds dropped out of the sky, hitting the ground and dropping from branches. Whole cities are being blanketed in the US. Jack Kruse talks about it a LOT. Here's a small documentary on 5G that just came out. Great info. Start educating yourself.


I hope some of this helps. Oh, one last thing. Keep your phone on airplane mode whenever you can. Even Apple has a warning buried in the fine print not to ever have the phone closer than an inch to your body. Women who keep their phone in their bra come up with cancer IN THE SHAPE OF THE ATTENA, DIRECTLY WHERE THEY ALWAYS KEEP THE PHONE.

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