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# Posted: 6 Jun 2009 12:16

Can I suggest a new section for the forums. I think it would be a good idea to have an accommodation section, where people that have ES friendly accommodation, can get in touch with ES people looking for places to live.


# Posted: 7 Jun 2009 01:27

This is a good idea.
I will as webmaster Henrik to put that up.
Best regards.

# Posted: 22 Jun 2009 10:49

Hi ryanaw,

There is now a forum section for EHS accommodation here.

It's called "EHS safe places".

Thanks for the suggestion.

# Posted: 22 Jul 2009 11:23

How about a section for EMR detectors?

# Posted: 1 Dec 2014 15:13

I suggest that anyone who has previously stopped at what used to be relatively 'safe 'holiday UK accommodation checks whether there have not been any changes, before booking again for next year..
[ e.g. free WiFi; ]

# Posted: 2 Dec 2014 01:55

Its a thought, but we (this website is UK/Denmark), and there are also German and Swiss made detectors, and of course USA ones, and somehow I feel sure that there are manufacturers in Asia, see our problem?
But we could start with the UK, BUT, Note!
We will have to relay on you to let us know of suppliers Elsewhere in the world, Just like with the "EHS Safe Places" where we relay on Feedbacks!
Best regards.

# Posted: 30 Apr 2017 19:17

HAS ANY ONE FOUND A ZONE BLANC in the UK? Can we have a petition to have one as required by EU law before it is too late please? I have to live in France as I cannot find anywhere in the UK not smogged. Its hard for me to look in the UK cos all the roads are so smogged now.
When I was kid there was a TV program called the Tomorrow People. I told my sister that I thought it was stupid cos there could never be so much pollution that people could not go outside, but now there is. I am stupid and she is dead. What a sad world.

# Posted: 11 May 2017 00:56

Hi plop.
I am one serious EHS as is my son Henrik our webmaster. BUT, I have found Several places in the UK, totally free from Microwave Radiation, and we are intending to move house, our company office and the lot, very soon to one such place, and I hope to be able to tell you where there is a Zone Blanc. But be warned these are expensive places, usually small houses, but large plots.
I have no idea of what you will be able to afford, but the Zone Blanc plots are there, Very expensive YES, but attainable.
So, send me an e-mail on: agnes@ingvarsdottir.com and I might be able to tell you where to look for a property.
Be aware though, It will Not be in a Town, it will be in the countryside.
Like my GP told me: EHS, all you can do is bye a house in the middle of a field, with nothing around.
So right he was.
All the best.

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