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www.mast-victims.org forum / Website / Highligt important features of Mast-victims.org on main page, please.
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# Posted: 7 Mar 2006 01:47

I just wanted to suggest that the button linking to the interactive forum on the
entry page be highlighted, so it visually pops out a bit from the mass of writing around it. I think the forum is probably the most valuable service here at mast-victims.org. It should be foreground on the entry page. Thank you for providing it!

# Posted: 15 Mar 2006 03:22

Thank you very much for your compliment.

I have asked webmaster Henrik to look into if he can highlight Forum.
Best regards.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2006 15:31

As a casual observer with every sympathy for your difficult case, just a few suggestions. These would help people take your site seriously (and that's the most important thing, is it not?) :
An "about this site" page to say who's running it and why
Get SOME sort of FAQ up and running ASAP
Remove the Satire page. Humour is all well and good but it makes it all too easy to dismiss the site.

Best wishes

By the way, did you ever consider allowing them to move the mast away from the restaurant onto the top of your house? If you'd ended up *below* the thing, you could have screend the roof and would have ended up with *much* lower signal strength, and they would have paid YOU for using the location too! Bit late now though :o)

# Posted: 30 Nov 2006 05:42

Dear ”Cheers”
Re: Highlight important features.

Another unsigned letter.
A nome is not a name.
I may be old fashioned but I was taught that if you want to be taken seriously, you appear with full name.

This page Is definitely taken seriously, I have seen it being extensively quoted and I know that it has been mentioned in the European Parliament, in the Knesset, and in at least 2 German Federal Parliaments.

Just type Mast-victims in Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos or Ask and see what happens.

But don’t stop there, type “Agnes Ingvarsdottir”, who is the sole owner of www.mast-victims.org and the untiring force behind it.

The people behind the page are mentioned on the front page of Mast-victims, or “Home” as it is called
My name is there, but in truth the page is run solely by Agnes Ingvarsdottir and her yongest son Henrik Eiriksson.

And what a success it has been.
I did not believe in it when Agnes started it, but I bow my head in shame and admiration.

Agnes works all day as Director/secretary in our engineering firm.
She cooks my dinner and washes my clothes.
She sits late into the night creating this site and answering e-mails from friends, and enemies, people seeking advice, and contributors of which there is a core group.
This site is truly a “One Woman Show”

She is so angry having had her health taken away by stupidity and greed, that she will do whatever she can to nail the culprits.

+ The “Satire” page stands.
It is widely copied.
Ergo it has got a mission.
More contributions will be welcome I am sure.

The last part of your letter/comment is not worth commenting on.

I believe that nobody should be subjected to Radiation harm from anybody’s roof.
“Be towards others as you want others to be towards you”.

Best wishes
Eirikur M. Petursson

# Posted: 1 Dec 2006 12:47

I'm sorry if you took offence, none was intended, honestly. Please re-read what I said as if it was being spoken to you by someone friendly smiling earnestly.

I know it's a subjective matter of opinion, but I think the satire page has potential to do more harm than good. Some people may regard it as childish name calling. The FAQ and "about this site" can be important : there are a lot of people who, when they first visit a site, make a snap decision about how believable it is and whethe it's worth exploring. Many people do look for kind of "mission statement" or "who are we?" sort of page when weighing up whether to read on, or move on.

As for my last comment, it was only meant in a lighthearted way - I suppose for other people to consider, if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

Only trying to help, in my own clumsy way.
All the best

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