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# Posted: 12 Jan 2013 19:44

It is now a year since the heart surgery. My blood pressure was high at a GP appointment. I was told to make an appointment for an ECG at the GP surgery last week.

The electrodes were placed on my chest and elsewhere, attached to a small box and thenthe box turned on to scan for 30 seconds. I felt a bit peculiar as this was being done. The box was then removed and connected to a phone in the office. The downloding of the data caused me terrible discomfort in the head and pains in the ears. I had explained before the investgation that i am eHS and cannot stand HF EMR from wifi, mobile phones etc.

The peak hold reading on a Acoustimeter in my jacket pocket a couple of metres away was 2.8 V/m during the ECG recording.

See Magda Havas websites for information on the heart and wifi.
Also see Buergerwelle.de website news for 11 January 2012 and watch the video.

The GP was totally unaware of any effects of radiation on the heart. Unbelievable that doctors are being kept in the dark about cardiac effects!


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