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Lost \a Tooth
# Posted: 8 Jul 2014 21:59

I know that amalgam fillings can leak mercury and cause problems
Has anyone experience of dental implants?
my front capped tooth fell out. The root cracked
My choice a tooth implant titanium or a bridge . the bridge could be a ceramic one. I could not abide the partial plastic palate with one tooth.

Has any one on the forum who is electro hypersensitive had an implant or bridge ?
Are there any dentists amongst the forim members who have any comments about ehs and dental matters,please? thank you

# Posted: 11 Jul 2014 06:39

Lost a Tooth,

I have not had any implant or bridge work done but I can attest to that having all amalgam fillings removed greatly reduced stress and improved my health over all.

My dentist measured surprisingly strong electrical currents being generated by the fillings because they act as small batteries in reaction with acidity in the mouth and they were feeding electricity straight into the nervous system via the roots. Then I understood why I used to feel so bad after eating: rise in acidity = more electricity from amalgam fillings.

Avoid metals in your teeth at all costs.

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