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# Posted: 13 Jul 2015 17:29

Tthe situation gets ever worse in GP surgeries with increasing use if i-phones
and other wireless devices.

A warning to the EHSinLancashire !

The Roysl Preston Hospital and Chorley and District Hospital will be making FREE Wi-Fi available to ALL patients, visitors, staff, doctors, nurses in most parts of the hospital, according to the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper. !!

There will be NO escaping the WiFi!!!
It was bad enough there before, without the free Wi-Fi .

# Posted: 14 Jul 2015 03:12

EEEK. And they're exposing the most vulnerable people as well.

# Posted: 17 Jul 2015 23:45


Now they're installing Wi-Fi in Hospitals, hopefully they'll discover that RF is an immuno-suppressive as patients infections take longer to heal.

# Posted: 18 Jul 2015 02:12

If I were running a hospital, I'd know that my business depends upon sick people and that the profits come from providing as much "care" (surgeries, medications, tests, scans, x-rays, etc) to each patient as possible. I don't know about you, but something that increases blood pressure, dementia, suppresses the immune system, etc. sounds like a boon for the HMOs and pharmaceutical industry that's too hard to resist.

# Posted: 19 Jul 2015 01:19

Why else do you think the NHS is in deep s... now?

They take patients in, make sure to microwave them thoroughly, we get a lot sicker while there, even die, so an economic Win Win situation. as the taxpayer foots the bill.

(when I last was in hospital, the Wi-fi for the nurses computers was just outside the room where I was, and of course having explained that I had Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Sickness, they put me in a room with someone who used her mobile phone All Day Long.

And then there is the Demand, as We, the Customers, are totally Swamping them.
This costs us taxpayers a BOMB!
And calls for NHS consultants and managers who earn more than the PM,

But since many years ago the hospitals rented out "Roof-space" for masts.
And now they have moved the radiation indoors as well!

And you are totally right, all these Modern ailments, like dementia, group 2 diabetes, (Obesity is the new fad, and I Do Not think Sugar is to blame half as much as is claimed, as years ago Independent Scientific Studies showed that the EMR messes up peoples Metabolism.
Well, sugar and salt are much more politically convenient explanations, as We All Need Fast Broadband, and we need a Roll-out NOW!

And of course it is for the good of British Firms and Industry.

Well, Our company is over 30 years old by now, and I can tell you what we use our broadband for: Sending and receiving E-mails.

That accounts for "Bytes" Not "Mega-" or "Giga-bytes"
And another thing that has amazed me is, that whenever you hear about the Broadband Uptake of a certain town/City, Area, they Only count the HOUSEHOLD Uptake! No Mention of Business/Industry Urgent Needs here!

When it is SO Crucial for Better Productivity in Industry, Better work performance etc.?

It is because it is NOT AIMED at/or Needed in Business At ALL!

It is Solely Aimed at the poor suckers who cannot find a way to get their life sorted out, Need the Daily Fix of "Gaming" (Explains the needed Giga-bytes") Cannot cope alone by themselves, Need a "Nanny/Friend" Support 24/7/365!
In short the Addicts! That´s WHO!
(Don´t forget they are the ones who get the "Tills" at the Mobile Companies, Ringing; it Sure isn't Engineering firms, manufacturing companies etc.)

But We are the one´s who pay the price in health.
The rest Just pay a heavy price in Cash!
All the best

# Posted: 20 Jul 2015 03:51

Absolutely spot on, agnes.

The whole spin on superfast broadband "demand" is a total crock. Nothing to do with business or productivity. Keep the masses zombified and slowly dying. Now it's "1 in 2" that will get cancer. I predicted this last year when it was "1 in 3". And still not a peep from the public, just lots of emotive adverts and "stories" in the news about brave battles and positive thinking and all the other BS that's gone into burying this epidemic in a sea of "humanity" (oh the irony).


# Posted: 21 Jul 2015 11:51

The Governments argument that businesses will die!!! if they don't have "Super-fast" broadband is rubbish.

"Super-fast" broadband is for entertainment purposes, like video-streaming (netflix, porn etc.) and online gaming.

99% of businesses only need email with the occasional attachment and some web-browsing.

Even web-browsing is automatically data-compressed to conserve bandwidth.

I run an IT business and my connection hardly even classifies as "broadband". I've optimized my use of its bandwidth to the hilt, so it performs just fine.

# Posted: 22 Jul 2015 11:24

Henrik--100%. It's all about entertainment and distraction. And Agnes is right that's it's an addiction as well--it's today's cigarettes. Get people addicted and willing for paying anything for more gigs for their i(rradiation) phones. If it's a part of your work or job that's one thing. But for the rest of us, we don't "need" it at all. It's just as addicts, we think that we do--or we'll be "left behind." Left out. I know I need a complete detox from being "connected" all the time, using the laptop, etc. Someone was telling me that stopping these things is "extreme," but I don't think it is. I think one's health and one's life is more important.

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