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# Posted: 3 Jun 2006 19:24

Hi all,

Since this website went online in may 2005 we have received many visitors, thank you all for the support!

We reconned that this website would become a sore in the eyes of the mobile phone operators so we began logging every visit to the site. This detailed log reveals who visits, when they visit, where they come from and how they got here.

Hutchison 3G may be a high-tech company, but they are obviously not very high-intelligence, since smarter and equally sinister boffins would be more careful in covering their tracks.
So, Hutchison 3G, we have been watching your movements carefully since around May 2005. You might say that this website functions as sort of a "honey-pot", luring the mobile operators in and silently logging all their actions. They have all been here. The big mobile operators, their subcontractors and even the NRPB!
You can deny all you want, as you usually do, we can prove that you were here, so spare yourself the embarrasment.
The "information age" you are all raving about has suddenly turned around and is now biting you in the ass.

We noticed that Hutchison 3G quickly started visiting us regularly. Their initial visit on 19'th of May 2005 came via a Google search on the term "mast victims". That first visit was very close to our "opening date" of 10'th of May 2005, so someone must have tipped them off about the website.

Hutch usually visits a couple of times a month, most visits come directly from bookmarks in their Internet browsers and sometimes they arrive through Google searches. Naturally Hutchison wants to know how high in the google rankings we appear.

When Agnes was interviewed by The Birmingham Post on Jan 24 2006, the article included a link to this website. Already the same day, Hutchison 3G had read the article and followed the link to Mast-Victims.org at 17:33 the same day.

Best regards
- Henrik Eiriksson, admin, mast-victims.org

# Posted: 18 Jun 2006 18:32

Oh, and by the way -
Hutchison 3G also reads OmegaNews

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