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# Posted: 1 Jun 2005 01:02

This is a place for all discussions related to masts & cellphones.
You dont have to register to post topics but registering is recommended.

Best regards
- Henrik Eiriksson


# Posted: 2 Jun 2005 10:15

We are experiencing some technical problems with the forum.
Some users might not be able to post, depending on type of browser and language. I'm working on a solution and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

# Posted: 3 Jun 2005 08:36 - Edited by: Henrik

Forum problem should be solved now.

If you experience any problems using the forum please send me an email including any error messages and I'll look into it.
email: henrik@solvation.net

# Posted: 11 Sep 2005 21:02

Hello from EMF Canada

Looks good!
RFSafe Forum seems to collect the Cell phone USERS, not EHS,
I hope this forum can unite the EHS and make us all stronger

# Posted: 3 Oct 2005 22:44

Hi EMF Canada.

Thank you for the nice compliment. It is truly appreciated.

And we really hope we can unite all the EHS victims in this Universe, and not just to make us stronger, but to let us say: Enough Is Enough, We Want To See The Irrevocable Proof of Harmlessness, And We Want To See It NOW!
So, Produce it!

No, we do not collect cell phone users. we collect the victims of the abusive radiation from the cell phone mast/antenna radiation.

But we do not shut out the victims of cell phone use, the victims of electricity in their environment. or the victims of electric overhead cables
either. Like us They are also EHS.

And, we do not want to forget one very important thing.
We get poisoned with the radiation from the "Providers" faulty, un-proofen equipment, stationed NEXT to our homes, schools, work, nurseries and hospitals, and what happens? We all end up as EHS sufferers, and that, I am truly sorry to say, seems to stay with us for the rest of our (for some short) lives.

We have in our midst some slick "Used Cars" salesmen slithering about in our socities, who are so successful in selling their defect equipment to our ever greedy Governments for so much cash that the money-greedy Governments forget all about this little note (in most countries laws), that their first and bigggest "OBLIGATION" as rulers, is to make sure they look after their citizens health and wellbeing.
And what they also forget is a very important thing: THEY HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY BY LAW, AND WE HAVE TO HOLD THEM TO THAT.

If we all make our politicians PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO TO US, you bet they will think twice before they let their Greed carry them away again.

And, one day very SOON, WE WILL, and we will be many.
Best regards.

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