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# Posted: 23 Sep 2008 00:56


I have heard from a couple sources (and it is mentioned on this forum also), that a WiFi router can have the setting changed so that the SSID broadcast is off, so that the system is effectively in 'sleep mode' when not in use, and thus not giving out micrwoaves 24/7...

I suffer from ES and am having problems with WiFi signals from neighbours houses. I want to visit them to look at ways to minimise the signal.

Does anyone have expereince of resetting a system so that SSID is disabled, does this definitely work, and will the whole beacon broadcast be off also, i.e. no microwaves, not just the SSID signal off?

Does anyone know of an IT expert with expereince in this who can advise how to procede - e.g. how do I find out the exact way to change settings on a neighbour's particular router, and again, would this definitely work, i.e. has someone implimented this and tested emissions, and are there any drawbacks?

Many thanks, any advice gratefully received
Sarah :)

# Posted: 23 Sep 2008 01:48

Dear Sarah.
Bryan might be able to help you.
He is an industry man, and is very knowledgeble, he just might know, but I do not know if he would be willing to help.

We also have huge problems, but as we have, by now, a number of neighbours who have Dect phones and Wi-Fi we have had to take the very expensive option of insulating the whole inside of our home and offices with Carbon Paint and hang up Radiation resistant curtain material.
If you need info on that option let me know, and I will send you links to where to get it.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir. www.mast-victims.org
E-mail: agnes@mast-victims.org

# Posted: 23 Sep 2008 11:33

Hi SarahS,

I've never owned a wireless router, for obvious reasons, but I'm very aware of the health problems with the routers constant, full-power transmission of SSID beacon. This basically exposes you to 10Hz bursts as long as the router is switched on and most wireless routers are factory-set to do this.

As far as I understand, from reading internet pages, you have to access the wireless routers control-panel. This is usually done by pointing a web-browser to the IP-address the router has on the local network (usually: or and log-in with the routers administrator login & password.
Once inside the control-panel, you have to find a setting called "SSID broadcast: enable / disable" and of course make sure to set it to "disable" and then save your new setting.
When the SSID beacon is disabled the router will just sit "silently" and listen for connection requests, so the computer/laptop will no longer "auto-magically" detect the wireless network. This means you will probably have to manually log-on to the wireless network when the SSID is disabled.
Slightly less convenient but much better for your health (plus your neighbor and his dog).

# Posted: 25 Sep 2008 00:00


Thanks, that is useful, I am still not sure if this option will turn off all RF braodcasts, as it seems there is a whole bunch of other info transmited in the beacon, not just the SSID - but I can experiment anyway.

Agnes, yes, it is a nightmare isn't it - the orchid phones are a good DECT alternative, as they go into sleep mode - I have heard of a lot of people buying them for their neighbours - there is so much other stuff as well though.

I am thinking of painting my bedroom in carbon paint etc - there are not too bad RF transmissions near here (no masts closer than 500m), and only low WiFi, but when you have ES even low power is a problem I think - I never sleep properly these days, the only time I do is when on holiday in N Wales camping in a valley with no mobile signal, that's great, although you still get people wondering about with mobiles.

I am just intending to paint the walls and ceiling with carbon paint (taking care to earth properly and not leave gaps), and maybe have aluminium foil across the floor (to also block ELF from wiring) - I hope this would be OK, I am keen not to make anything any worse - won't this block natural earth freqencies though, e.g. Schuman waves - I already have foil under my bed (which is on the floor, no coils) to block the wiring EMFs, but I don't know if this would stop the Schumen waves?

Henrik, on a completley differnt point, I saw a brief comment you made somewhere else about the nature of corporate responsibilty - I don't suppose by any random chance you are aware of a longer document/essay on this topic - I remember reading something on the subject a while ago, perhaps sent as a circular email, it was describing how by the very nature of a corporation it could not act with any morality or regard for the public beyond business interests etc, or something along these lines - I wanted to reference this the other day, but think where I'd seen it, or remember the exact details - just a thought?

Honestly, the world today really is a complete nightmare, given how much we are zapping ourselves, especially for ES sufferers - I think we should have a 'international switch everything off day' - OK, planes might fall out of the sky etc, but think how great everyone would feel if all the masts etc were off!

Sarah :)

# Posted: 25 Sep 2008 14:29

I would be happy to help with the SSID question, but I see that Henrik has already dealt with it very well. I've nothing more to add. If you have any other questions about its operation then please ask although Wi-Fi is more of an IT technology than a telecoms technology, so it a little out of my field. Nevertheless, I have access to technical standards documentation and would be happy to do some digging.

# Posted: 25 Sep 2008 14:36


Regarding the corporate responsibilty article you refer to: I remember an article called "Don't disturb the polluting industries" ..or something like that. I'll post a link if I come across it...

lessradiationco uk
# Posted: 26 Sep 2008 00:51

Hi, you can either use the electrosmog detector to detect a WiFi AP at close range - it sounds like a metronome.

Or you can use a laptop running Netstumbler for Windows, this will show you the power levels of neighbours access points.

If you don't want to transmit WiFi from the laptop you should use an application like Aircrack in Monitor Mode under Linux (Backtrack 3 being a good example). This way you can REALLY monitor all the WiFi around you!

In our experience all Windows Laptops, with a built-in wifi adapter, send out pulsed RF even when not connected to a Wireless AP. There's usually a physical switch to turn it off though.

Regards LessRadiation.co.uk

Love & Peace...

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