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# Posted: 1 Jun 2011 04:26

So, after the events of last week's WHO seminar bash, and the revelations they threw up about lobbying, conflicts of interest and most damaging of all...the deliberately surpressed data on the true levels of brain cancers...I wondered how the industry and pro-wifi media would respond.

Today, we got our answer.

The Times ran two main stories connected to smartphones and mobile phone operators - both with a not-so-subtle agenda. That being, "we need smartphones and more masts to boost the economy". One story was on the highstreet's apparently urgent and necessary need to push smartphone-driven shopping, in the name of saving the economy. The other main story centered on the news (not repeated in any other major paper, interestingly) that eBay was putting pressure on Ofcom, and demanding that the UK's mobile network is strengthened and "not spots" should no longer exist anywhere.

Gee, eBay, thanks for that. Just when the tipping point for masts, 3G, Tetra and smartphone-pulsed wi-fi has been reached, here they come with more demands, more reasons (allegedly) for Ofcom to do their usual "how high?" routine when the telecoms industry and governments come knocking and asking them to jump.

Then, later in the evening, ITV News ran with a pretty dispicable, one-sided and blatantly misleading story on the findings of the WHO get-together in France. To repeatedly claim, as their "expert" did, that there is absolutely no possible harm from mobile phones and EMRs is an outright lie. It not only contradicts the hundreds of studies carried out (see Powerwatch for all the links), but the WHO report that they are discussing does not state this certainty of safety at any point. If I can summon the energy, I will file a complaint and take it wherever necessary.

They are doubly stupid to be so deceitful, because not only can the actual report be easily found online, the public will also come back to them some day soon, when the reality hits, and demand compensation and answers for why they were lied to by the media and the authorities, the bodies which are supposed to protect the people.

One can only assume that the more desperate the industry and the media become in their battle to keep the wifi/smartphone/EMR industry afloat in the face of damaging evidence, the more ridiculous and brazen their lies will become, and the more blatant and predictable their tactics will become.


# Posted: 29 Jun 2011 03:02

Further to the developments across the pond in America, with falling share prices and continued angry resistance and legal challenges to bullying smart meter installations and wi-fi in schools, maybe the public won't give a damn - or be so brainwashed that anger is impossible - about the lies told to them over the health impacts of mobile technology....but they sure will know if the global economy takes another hit (so soon after the sub-prime fiasco caused the recession) and everything changes.

The subprime scandal and the way the banks played fast and loose was pie-in-the-sky money.

The mobile technology scandal is pie-in-the-sky science. As an article in the Times recently made clear, this 3G stuff simply does not work, however densely the masts are concentrated and however strong the pumped signals are.

You cannot build an entire society, an economy, a future on flawed technology that not only does not work properly, but kills and disables people in a million different ways.


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