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# Posted: 16 Mar 2013 02:24


does anyone know if these devices do any good, or are they just a gimmick that does no good at all?
Having trouble finding anything on these and other electricity filters.

# Posted: 16 Mar 2013 13:12

Hi, from my own experience, no. They didn't help at all. But everyone's different! If you can get some sort of 30-day return period, then there's no harm in trying them for yourself.


# Posted: 17 Mar 2013 16:02

Avoiding the most obvious sources of microwaves - mobile phones, Wifi,DECT phones and microwave ovens - goes a long way in reducing the symptoms, from my experience.
However I have no answers to sources from neighbours other than trying to shield that part of the house. In apartments it must be difficult to avoid other people's emfs.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2013 11:27

A small excert of their website:
don't worry—You can keep your WiFi! The EarthCalm Healthy Home Pak completely eliminates ALL WiFi health risks by transforming the hazardous cloud of radiation into a calming field of protection throughout your home.

Yes sure :-))))))

# Posted: 19 Mar 2013 20:58

I know of 2 people who benefitted from including these products in their methods to improve their health. 1 person was extremely electrically sensitive. Tried the device that plugs into the wall. She had adverse reactions at first. It took her a few days to adjust to the frequency the device generates. After that, she felt must stronger. She liked that the device was portable, so she could take it with her to other homes, etc, install it into a receptacle and feel good.

The 2nd person who suspected she might be ES tried the router device and thought it brought an improvement.

I tried the router device. It knocked my energy down hard, even with wifi off! Wa-a-a-a-a-y too strong for me. I sent it back for a refund and resolved to find ways of improving that didn't involve electronic-generated frequencies.

# Posted: 19 Mar 2013 21:08

Forgot to add, when I contacted the company to try to send the router device back, the manager tried to get me to keep it for awhile to see if my body would adapt, citing de-toxing as common effect which makes people feel worse for a little while. I asked her if she was so sure it would work, then why wasn't the product guaranteed to work? We both agreed that the company can't guarantee it because no one knows for sure how it will work for everyone.

Tired of EMFs
# Posted: 16 Mar 2016 07:06

Earthcalm products do work. I was a huge skeptic myself. My neighbour who was able to figure out she was ES tried out the products because they did not want to move again. They have a 90 day return policy. She has had the products for 3 years and is in very good health now. I had issues with chronic fatigue and thyroid issues hyper thyroid and now hypothyroid. I was open to trying the products but like I said sceptical. The push was that my daughter when she started grade one at her new school she would cry everyday after school. I tried feeding her after school, putting her to bed early making Semite she had her vitamins nothing worked she was exhausted. My middle son a year older had been complaining of always being tired as well but was not as upset as my daughter. My neighbours daughter is also ES and she said her daughter used to be the same way until she got her a necklace to wear to school.I purchased the home plug in system and the Omega for the router. You have to plug in the system gradually because your body needs time to adjust. I also bought my daughter a necklace she was a new person after adjustment of about two weeks no more crying!! We were also a calmer less agitated family. I have gone further and purchased something for our car, I can finally drive without being exhausted after 30mins. I bought necklaces for the family and returned them because I felt they didn't help only to find I felt worse after. Sometimes the change isn't noticed until the product is gone. I have a bracelet now. My middle son has an anklet which has helped him to sleep. We all have protection on our cell phones. The home system along with the omega that connects into your router really does create a shield from the outside. The biggest change was when I closed the circle on the wiring of my house with extension cords on every floor. In Canada where their are two outlets on a wall the wiring doesn't meet and leaves an open gap for the shield. Along with an extension cord connected to the wall and circling my bed I no longer had racing mind, heart palpitations, or buzzing in my ears I finally had deep restive sleep. It has changed my life. The products work in layers, at some point you find the right amount of products to adjust. My daughter also has an anklet. I have got these products slowly over three years because of the skeptic in from my husband who is in the medical field. He is slowly starting to realize that their is some connection. We made a huge mistake getting solar panels on our garage roof separate from our house. The wire runs over the roof of our bedrooms to the inverter to the other side of the house. This is a government program where you get paid to sign up for it. It was installed but not turned on for 3 months but me and my middle son and youngest daughter could not sleep. I couldn't figure out what it was. We didn't suspect the panels because they weren't on! I did some research on line and discovered that the wiring can emit Meg's even if not on. Once I spoke to Earthcalm about it they gave me a simple solution of looping an extension cord around the wiring and plugging it into the house. We were all back to sleeping again. My husband was shocked. Our problem now is they have turned on the solar panels and it is driving me nuts so I turn it off. In the contract it would mean paying the government back $40,000! We are not home for 6 months so I don't have to be their but the solar panels are too strong for my Earthcalm products. They are looking into a solution.

Tired of EMFs
# Posted: 16 Mar 2016 07:13

Earthcalm products are also portable so I can travel with them which makes them. It's definitely worth a try. And I repeat, stay away from solar panels!!

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