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# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 19:37 - Edited by: alex

When rare articles appear on microwave sickness ( which is only allowed to be referred to as electrosensitivity) in the media I was puzzled by the many references to the 'tin foil hat brigade'. The comments referring to tin foil hats would be jeering, ridiculing and the intention would be to make the purported sufferer of microwave sickness out to be some kind of nut.

Curious to find the origins of this derogatory word I decided to google 'tin foil hat' and find out what came up.

Wikipedia helpfully had an entry which turned out to be not so helpful after all. In addition to an explanation of the origins of the term it also had two photos of people with tin-foil hats looking idiotic. It explained ( from what I can remember ) that some people claimed they were sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and tin foil hats protected them from the radiation.

The photos invite ridicule, and yes, I have got a sense of humour and I watched that episode of South Park where they all run around with tin foil hats on to protect themselves from mind control, but given the rising numbers of suicides from sufferers who can't continue living with this condition any more, and given the rising number of deaths among those of us who have to live with this environmentally caused disabliltiy - to have this issue ridiculed by Wikipedia is nothing short of obscene.

I don't have the health nor the resources to conduct extensive research, apart from internet research - and I don't know how reliable that is - however I will reveal what I have learned so far - which if correct is totally shocking and corrupt.

In 2007 the BioInitiative Report was published. Shortly after, in 2008 Bono ( Paul Hewson) of U2 approached the founder of Wikipedia seeking to be made a co-director of the company with a view to exercising editorial control.

The founder of Wikipedia ( whose name I can't remember - early onset alzheimers anyone ?) was reluctant, as the whole ethos of Wikipedia was based on free editing and exercising or tightening editorial control would go against this - however a deal was put and the money was right and so Bono became the editorial director of Wikipedia.

U2's biggest world tour was sponsored by a mobile phone company. In the early/mid noughties they purchased a mobile phone company in America. Their company ' Elevation Partners' seeks out potential sites for mobile phone masts and related technology.

The only growth industry in town is wireless technology in all its forms and many celebrities have business portfolios based on the best performing companies. I have no problem with that.

However I do have a problem when I , along with friends and fellow sufferers have an environmentally caused disability which is life-threatening, and those same celebrities manipulate the media - in this case Wikipedia - to ridicule and humiliate us all in the name of protecting their 'product'.

A lot of young people get their information from this site and if one were to try and get the message across about the damage they are doing to their health by referring them to the BioInitiative Report 2007 and 2012 they immediately look it up in Wikipedia where it is completely distorted and rubbished.

I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Paul Hewson (Bono) to complain about Wikipedia's treatment of our disability group.

Perhaps if we all try to complain - loudly - we might be listened to.

And Bono - should you ever read this - remember, as an accountant you are entitled to look after your business interests but not when truth is distorted and peoples health is irreversibly damaged as a result. You do not have the right to ridicule the sick and mislead the public. As a philanthropist and champion of the underdog it is morally wrong of you to abuse those with the disability microwave sickness.

Remove the photos and re-write the entry about tin-foil hats and rewrite the entry about the BioInitiative Report so that the truth is known.

# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 03:21

It really is a sick irony that someone who built their reputation and created an entire persona on the basis of "doing good" in the world, should be behind this.

Actually, it's more than a sick irony, but that language can't be repeated here.


# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 18:31

Bono said in a recent interview on Irish television ( 'The Meaning of Life' interview with Gay Byrne on RTE 1) that he believed in God.

Wikipedia attributes the origin of 'tin foil hat' to Julian Huxley's short story 'The Culture Tissue King' where tin foil was apparently first used as a protective shield to prevent mind control.

Huxley's views on eugenics ( that working class people were genetically inferior) might be said to be similar to the current eugenics regime where people with microwave sickness are ignored, ridiculed and allowed to die. As we overtly 'respond' to the radiation we could be seen to be the 'inferior' class. Certainly the fact that we are allowed to sicken and die conforms to a eugenics-type scenario.

Paul ( Bono),

you are co-editorial director of wikipedia. a site that is giving untruthful and damaging information on the disability microwave sickness, via photos which incite ridicule, and a deliberately misleading, inaccurate and undermining description of the BioInitiative Report. Your site amounts to nothing less than propaganda for the mobile phone industry at the expense of a disability group. We are denied the most basic human right - the right to life and health and we are denied recognition - the only recognition we get is ridicule.

I cannot contact you in any other way except via this site.

As a musician with a large following of young people throughout the world I ask that you think about the record numbers of brain tumours, suicides and sickness that is devastating our young people - and the one hundred thousand paediatricians across America who have warned of the dangers of mobile phones/microwave radiation.

Your spiritual belief and sense of right and wrong should guide you in the right direction - and that begins with removing offensive material from your cite in the name of all those who have died from this toxic energy.

# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 18:47


It is even more ironic when you consider that the Huxley short story quoted by Wikipedia is a warning of what can happen when science is allowed to run riot - with no moral or ethical controls.

Unfettered scientific experimentation is exactly what is going on in Ireland today as we are a 'Test & Trial' country ( since 2004 /5) for the phone companies.

And there is not one politician in England or Ireland with the guts to make this issue part of their central campaign.

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