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# Posted: 20 Sep 2013 12:17

Got this from Mona Nilsson*:

GSMA call for harmonised safety limits in US standards review

I see a simple logic flaw in this submission by the GSMA that Public Health Authorities do not seem to consider:

I'll break it down here:

1). the entire population is exposed

2). pure science-based exposure limits require minimum 95% scientific certainty of health effect

3). when the required threshold in point 2 is reached, Public Health Authorities can be at least 95% certain that a large portion of the population are experiencing health effects, and have been for a long time

4). it thus follows that by adhering to ICNIRP exposure limits, Public Health Authorities are rendered unable to perform their job.

Question: how can this possibly be in the interest of Public Health Authorities?

(naturally, I'm being completely naive on purpose because the intended audience is "Jack and Joan").

Any comments, corrections and challenges on this are most welcome. So please hit me!

With utmost respect for everyone's efforts in the debate, I personally think something along the lines of this simple argument is needed to put the debate into perspective (for the general public).

(*) the Swedish journalist who exposed Anders Ahlbom's conflicts of interest.

# Posted: 22 Jan 2014 23:23

Found this...saying that there is much more to mobile phone radiation and wifi than just heating....


ICNIRP exposure limits are a joke, which our government find it convenient to support....if the truth, I mean when the truth comes out there is going to be a huge social and financial backlash....they don't want the public to know...and mostly, I think, the public are happy to be misled and continue, for now, in their love affair with wireless technology.

In the UK our local authority environmental protection teams don't even have the equipment to measure rf...emf etc. and even if they did it is out of their jurisdiction...that is with the Health Protection Agency....and they take their lead from your Local Authority environmental protection team.... they say there is nothing they can do!

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