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# Posted: 2 Nov 2016 21:38

What on earth are NEXT playing at with this?


What purpose does this serve? It's not clever, or edgy, or contemporary. This is a t-shirt for little kids, for goodness sake.

Society is beyond help now.


# Posted: 3 Nov 2016 12:25


I remember "chocolate cigarettes" targeted at kids, right next to the candy in stores.

Now smoking is heavily regulated in public areas. Took a while. Many got sick and died. But regulation did happen.

"Smartphone" industry is in hasty decline. #2 manufacturer Samsung's phone div. is almost dead after exploding battery scandal. Market is saturated and #1 manufacturer, Apple, isn't coming up with any real replacement products (think: "smart-watches" failed miserably), just slightly bigger screens. Internet-of-Things is being reigned in by EU because of non-existent data security (which will mean fewer RF-spewing products making it to market). "5G" is being pushed heavily, but it really still just a concept because neither the infrastructure or the devices are there (and people are unlikely to pay for another "upgrade").

The wireless industry is bleeding. Good.

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