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# Posted: 6 Oct 2019 14:21 - Edited by: Dave

I wonder if you remember a news article from around 2014 or 2015, I think. It was about a lady who had a telephone cable running along the street past her house. She had started to have ES symptoms, and this coincided with a technical change the telephone company had made, which was attributed as the cause. I would like to find that article to see what the change was.

It was in a non-English-speaking country, and the page I have in mind was the only one I saw in English on this particular story. I think it was a European country.

The page, I seem to recall, included a photograph in the lady's home, possibly looking out the window. I'm not certain again, but I also seem to recall the point being made that it was low frequency that went through the ground.

Does this ring any bells?

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