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James's story United Kingdom
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: John O'hanlon Created: 10 Jun 2005 Updated: 11 Jun 2005 Viewed: 3888 time(s)
The story of a baby boy and his parents struggle near a massive cellphone mast.
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Images Created: 11 Jun 2005
Images of the mast and baby boy James sleeping in a new home well away from the mast.
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The story Created: 10 Jun 2005
We moved in to our house in 2000 about the same time that the government's expert Professor Stewart released his report which assured us that there would be no ill effects of living near a Mobile phone base station.
Our house is approximately 150 metres away from a large mobile phone base station (A colossal transmitting mast).

My wife and I were enthusiastic about doing work on the house (decorating etc.) and we were both full of energy; my wife at the time being 27 and myself around 35.

Within 6 Months we were both feeling tired with no real cause.
Then around 12 months later i had a problem with the beating of my heart which turned out to be a condition similar to what our prime minister has had an operation to cure.
The heart, incidentally, receives it's instructions from the brain and the waves are knows as 'Delta' brainwaves.
It is my belief that the emissions from base stations and indeed phones interfere with our Delta brain waves-these are the ones which we experience in deep sleep.

To cut a long story short right up until March 2004 we gradually felt more and more run down.
In February 2004 My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy weighing in at 7 and a half pounds.
Over the next two months, however things went from bad to worse.
In March, incidentally the Orange transmitter which we live near was upgraded to the 3G technology.
There appeared to be problems with the baby in so far as he wasn't putting any weight on.
He was being sick when being fed and was crying all the time.
We noticed, however that away from the house he didn't cry and fed normally.
By June my wife was at her wits end and we had both come to the conclusion that we had to move out of our home.
I was unable to afford a second mortgage and couldn't afford to rent either.
My wife came up with the idea to buy a caravan and put it on a site and move into it-which is what we did from June to December 2004.
We were amazed at the results-immediately we were all able to sleep properly and James started to progress.
We noticed also that whenever my wife returned to the house to do any chores that the baby would cry constantly with no obvious cause. We had no choice but to keep him away as much as possible.

One thing both my wife and myself realised was that we were dreaming again-something that didn't happen much at home.
On doing research we came across Gerard Hyland's information on how the pulsing of the emissions can affect our delicate biochemistry and the functioning of our brains.
I spoke with my uncle and he suggested shielding the house which seemed absurd at the time.
In December this year we were compelled to move back home as the caravan park is closed during the winter so we decided to follow up on my uncle's advice.
We purchased the shielding material and proceeded to fit out the loft and windows.
In between the Christmas and new year we were unable to sleep and the baby was restless although much better than earlier.
We put this down to the fact that his head has grown the scull together and he has no soft bit.
During the first week in January we finished the whole loft and to our amazement we found that we all sleep very well indeed.

We are still hoping to sell the house however but at least we are protected for the moment.
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