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My brain is sensitive to one kind of frequency or I wouldn't be tortured the way I am. United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: Carol Wade Created: 6 Nov 2005 Updated: 6 Nov 2005 Viewed: 3696 time(s)
This is a story about how I have suffered from “noise to skull” all evenings and all nights ever since, a telecommunications company had worked outside my home all day.
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I suffer from being able to “percieve” microwave pulsed frequency. Created: 6 Nov 2005
Dear concerned people
I suffer from being able to “percieve” microwave pulsed frequency.My brain is sensitive to one kind of frequency or I wouldn't be tortured the way I am.

But this in short is about how when after a telecommunications company worked outside my home all day, that in the evening and all night I suffered from
“noise to skull”. And have ever since! So come to quiet Winchester, and sample, this torture.
Up to 4% of the population will suffer one day according to one scientist, who didn't help other than to say “you are not the only one!”.
This frequency should be investigated.
It would probably be found to be a “low and very safe” but of course very close to the human brain frequency condition!!!!

I do feel that because I don't suffer during the day someone with the right frequency finding machine could easily distinguish the change in “ether” from day
to night.

It is not just me that this would benefit, I don't consider myself that unique, but everyone who suffers from it.

I sincerely believe that the technology that is doing this does have a “dark” side. Not supernatural, but something I cannot describe.

I had a friend who worked at Arecibo in Puerto Rico.The worlds largest microwave radio telescope.
Unfortunately he died of MS, very young for this to happen. What, I wonder, are the effects of the technology at this place, on the hundreds of people that work there or who have done so over the years? This is asked because the radio telescope is the grandfather of all the masts there are ever likely to be around us!
That aside. When will scientists start working in the “field” so to speak.

And why don´t experts investigate the “sleep disturbance factor” that people sometimes suffer. Not all people can percieve pulsed microwave transmission frequencies that cause sleep disturbance, although one scientist has told me that he expects up to 4%of the population to suffer one day.
This “frequency” has been sold to someone to use for, bank data handling, our own council offices perhaps.
To find out why it affects humans takes an expert in the field of this technology, and only then will it come to light for certain that this can affect our brains!
And as far back as 1998 there was a patent out for a technology that is “sound straight to skull” or brain! I do not want to alarm people, I am not against
progress or a mobile phone, but why does a simple request to a telecoms company to investigate cause this response?
For who's benefit?

I am against any scientists who just write paper after paper whilst this “torture” of “sound to skull” which is nicely labelled as “sleep disturbance” continues.
This starts at midnight every night and goes on all through the night. I am not a person in tinnitus denial mode, but one who has a brain which is sensitive to
this frequency. A friend of mine also can hear it, and my relatives in Australia have heard it too, which could mean that this “suffering” does have a genetic
factor! Britain is very hypocritical because with this complaint NOTHING happens to help the sufferer. The “sound to skull” is all over Winchester which
has a lovely array of masts on the hill.

Go to this site and see that in fact there is a
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