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Azerbaijani expert: “Gabala radar meets up-to-date standards”
Azerbaijan Created: 25 Sep 2007
Gabala radar is an up-to-date station making possible to accomplish all the needed goals with its technical and tactical parameters. The station is in full operation and works” Rahim Madatov the only scientist participating in the monitoring conducted by US, Russian and Azerbaijani experts to Gabala radar on September 18 told the APA.

Mr. Madatov said that the monitoring aimed to make clear radar station’s technical and tactical issues and analyze influence of electromagnetic waves on the environment. Scientists were involved in investigation of some facts regarding the zone. Mr. Madatov who was officially invited to the introduction with the radar station said that Gabala radar meets modern standards; “We got familiar with future plans till 2025. New radar can work on that place till 2025 if negotiations are underway.”
Although there were not any scientific figures in the composition of US, Russian delegation, some facts and indicators were quite unexpected for engineer-technicians engaged in investigation, construction of the devices. R. Madatov thinks that current state of the devices is satisfactory: “Experts were satisfied with the indicators and work principles of the system. Right now the radar operates non-stop.”
Speaking of the radar’s bad influence on the environment, Mr. Madatov said that it is not true to use term “radiation” related to this issue as radiation exposure is different from radiation: “It is about electromagnetic radiation.
Electric and magnetic zones influence on the environment and people as well and it was proved in the literature. But the influence degree should meet the standards accepted by the government. These indicators are above the threshold level in some areas.”/APA/
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Source: Azeri-Press Agency, 24 Sep 2007

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