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Luxembourg Govt. to Debate 5G Deployment and Health Effects
Luxembourg Created: 13 May 2020
A Message from Citizens of Luxembourg who have been working to raise awareness of the health and environmental effects of 5G.

“Here is what we made happen:

– on Friday April, 24th our petition claiming to permanently stop the deployment of the 5G in Luxembourg was open for on-line signatures on the website of the Chambre des députés (our local Parliament). In only 4 days (!!!) we collected the necessary number of signatures to provoque a public debate in the Parliament between our citizen’s collective and the members of the Government about the 5G deployment. We will be detailing in front of the Parliament the arguments that lead us to ask the government to give up the 5G deployment and will debate with them about it. We will of course keep you posted on the outcome of that debate (at the earliest by mid-June).

– on Saturday April, 25th, rallying the 2nd global protest day, we published on our FB page the e-mail addresses of all our local MPs & of the members of the government and a letter detailing the risks involved in deploying the 5G tech, reminding them all that they are the representatives of the people, that their duty is to preserve the health of the population and that, in case of doubt, it is their specific duty to apply the precautionary principle and to stop the deployment of the 5G.

We then asked all our followers to mail the letter to all of the MP and, despite the fact that we don’t know exactly how many sent it, they must have been quite a lot as some MPs moaned on their FB profiles about people spamming their mailbox with anti-5G messages, treating them as ignorant fools

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Source: EHTrust, 13 May 2020

SCENIHR Scandal: EU Commission investigates itself and finds ...nothing!
Luxembourg Created: 5 Sep 2014
Response from John Ryan, acting director of Health and Consumers Directorate-General to Iris Atzmon.

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Source: Health and Consumers Directorate-General, John F. Ryan, 05 Sep 2014

The Luxembourg appeal: Towards an International Ban on Mercury in Dental Amalgam
Luxembourg Created: 20 Nov 2007
On the 10th of November 2007 in a resolution end of a congress a “Luxembourg Appeal” was declared and signed in order to exert political pressure on European Union and national health authorities in Europe.

The “Luxembourg Appeal” demands that

* the numerous scientifically-based warnings are finally acknowledged and
* the use of mercury in dental materials is banned without delay

We ask worldwide for international scientists, researchers, physicians, dentists, NGOs and patient groups to sign the “Luxembourg Appeal. Until January 2008 we expect couple of thousand of signatories. Then these demands will be sending to the EU-Commission, to the WHO as well as to all national health authorities in Europe.

You are able to give your agreement to the “Luxembourg Appeal” by e-mail or mail. Please follow the form as you see attached.

Here you find the provided data for downloading:

* the Luxembourg Appeal
* list for copying, to distribute and collect additional signatures

You also can support us by sending your agreement by e-mail:
europaem [-at-]
(replace [-at-] with @)
In this case please copy the following text for signing into the e-mail.

I support the “Luxembourg Appeal - Ban mercury in dental amalgam”

My personal data:

Country :
Institution: (obligate only if you are signing for a group or organisation)

We also need your help to distribute this appeal widely. With this snowball effect we hope to reach as much agreement as possible.

Thank you very much for your engagement and support.

Dr. med. Peter Ohnsorge
Managing Chairman

Related information:
New clinical study linking EMF, Mercury and Autism:
Cells under exposure to EMF accumulate heavy metals, like Mercury, and cause autism
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EU Court Rules Most Mobile Phone mobile phone masts taxes are legal.
Luxembourg Created: 9 Sep 2005
The European Court of Justice ruled Thursday that most taxes imposed on mobile phone masts are legal.

The case involves the Belgian communes of Fleron and Schaerbeek, who imposed taxes on masts to the dismay of Belgian mobile phone
companies Belgacom SA (BELG.BT) and Mobistar SA (MOBB.BT).

The court ruled the taxes follow a 1997 telecommunications directive - provided they do not privilege one operator above another.
The Belgian court still must determine whether the taxes do not discriminate.

Wireless operators such as Telekom Austria AG (TKA) and Deutsche Telekom AG's (DT) Austrian unit are closely following the case.
The province of Lower Austria is set to tax mobile phone masts from Jan. 1, 2006.
A group called the Citizen's Initiative of Mobile Phone Customers, through its Web site, have protested the tax.

Both E.U. Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding and Austrian Deputy Chancellor and Infrastructure
Minister Hubert Gorbach have come out against the proposed tax in recent weeks.

And yet, the two Belgian communes imposed a tax of about EUR3,000 per mast. Mobile phone companies argued that the tax contradicts an
E.U. law deregulating telecommunications infrastructure.
The communes argued that the deregulation did not refer to financial measures, only to governments imposing technical restrictions.
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