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Cellphone towers can be dangerous
Mauritius Created: 6 Jun 2010
According to knowledgeable stakeholders, no one has so far bothered about the effects of radiation from cellphone towers.
Such towers are found all over Mauritius.

News On Sunday tried to get the views of the Ministry of Environment. The paper was told that the matter wasn't its concern. Phone calls to the Ministry of Health kept moving from one desk to another with no one ever available to talk.
At the ICTA, the paper was assured that a reply would be sent. The reply never came.
For Mauritius Telecom, the matter “is confidential”. It cannot say anything about the criteria applied to place a tower in a particular area. Emtel was unreachable, so were also other operators.

And yet, it's public knowledge that radiation threat is making headlines in India. Mumbai’s residential areas, schools, hospitals and markets are found to be highly unsafe because of too many cellphone towers emitting electromagnetic radiation (EMR) way beyond safety levels.
The safe limit of radiation for human beings is 600 milliwatt/metre square. According to a Headlines Today report, a private television in India, many residential areas in Mumbai have EMR levels crossing 4,000 mW/msq. Even religious places in the city are not safe, the report said. Hospitals in Mumbai are also concerned by these radiations.

Though no studies have been conducted on the effects of these radiations on humans, the same has been proved on honey bees in Kerala, a state in India. It seems the harmful electromagnetic radiations from mobile towers have the potential to kill the worker bees that go out to collect nectar from flowers.

The most common problems associated with cell phone radiations are loss of appetite, irritation, fatigue, sleep disorders, difficulty in concentrating, headaches, problems in vision and infertility.
Other symptoms like irritation or a headache while talking on mobile for long periods of time are also experienced. But when it comes to cell phone towers, the radiation levels emitted are much more. This is because, in contrast to mobile phones, it is emitted continuously and is more powerful at close quarters.
Electromagnetic waves with higher intensity can cause health hazards ranging from headache to cancer; these waves may even cause death to patients with weak hearts and implanted heart pumps.
Cellphone towers in Mauritius are growing in number. This is mainly because more and more Mauritians are using cellphones.
According to the Information and Communication Technology Authority, ICTA, the criteria to allow the establishment of cellphone towers are drafted by the International Telecommunications Union.
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Source: DefiMedia, PREMITA LEELACHAND, 05 Jun 2010

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