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First official anti-radiation school uniform
Belarus Created: 18 Aug 2009
A textile company in Belarus has come up with a school uniform that supposedly protects kids from cellphone radiation.

If you can read Russian, you can read the announcement here:
otherwise Foreign Policy blogger Evgeny Morozov writes about it in English

Morozov, who is from the eastern European country, mocks the announcement, and indeed the possible harm caused to humans by cellphone emissions is highly controversial.

But there have been several attempts over the years to bring out clothing that supposedly blocks the phone rays. The folks at the textile site note that in 2007 Swiss manufacturer ISA Bodywear introduced men's underwear, invented by Andreas Sallmann, that were made with silver thread to supposedly protect "men's sperm from harmful cellphone radiation."

Although the company's current site does not seem to offer the briefs, it does incidentally have perhaps the oddest -- yet tasteful -- home page for an underwear manufacturer. It features a man with a goat and a woman playing the accordion.

Otherwise, notes that in 2002, Levi Strauss launched a line of its Dockers pants with "anti-radiation" pockets. However, this did not keep the company, four years later, from making a deal to put its brand on a cellphone.
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Source: Los Angeles Times, David Colker, 14 Aug 2009

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