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Worcester:Plans to site phone mast near carehome in London Road promts reaction from Mast-Victim from 2003, from the same road
United Kingdom Created: 31 Jul 2006
Don't site phone mast near home say city folk
CONCERNED residents have spoken out about plans to build a mobile phone mast outside a Worcester care home.
If planning permission is granted, a 15m-high 02 UK Ltd mast, disguised as a telegraph pole, could be situated outside South Hayes Care Home in London Road - an area which lies within the Sidbury and Fort Royal Conservation Area.
Resident Paul Smith said the mast, six shrouded antennas and two equipment cabinets would be a dominating eyesore and destroy the views into the city.
"Most people come down London Road from the motorway, therefore the first thing they would see would be a mobile phone mast and generator boxes all over the place," he said.
He added that noise from cabinets was also a concern, as was the danger of setting a precedent.
"Once one mast is there you can guarantee someone else will want to put one up," said the 50-year-old.
Mr Smith, who suggested 02 shared nearby masts instead, said his efforts to contact the company had been ignored.

A spokesman for the South Hayes Care Home also expressed grave concerns about the application.
"The health and safety of residents and staff must always take priority," he said.

Read the whole article at link: http://archive.thisisworcestershire.co.uk/2006/7/17/420095.html

The reaction from Erik Petursson, formerly of 57 London Road. Worcester. WR5 2DU
An open letter to Worcester City Planning Comittee and Worcester News.

Comment to news item in Worcester News 17-07-06
Under heading: Don't site phone mast near home.

The piece quoted residents in and near South Hays care home in London Road, Worcester, airing concerns about a proposed telecommunications
mast and its impact on their health and wellbeing.

And they are right to be worried.
They should be scared stiff.
The negative impact of the new generation of mobile telecommunications antennae upon human health is well documented.
But this fact will not help the London Road residents against the mad planners of Worcester, and the spineless councilors populating the puppet theatre, that is Worcester City Council Planning Committee.

I would not be surprised if it is the same crowd as sat there in in 2003, when, then Planning Chief, Peter Yates, and then, Director of Development,
Stuart McNidder bullied them into passing the mast antennae on the roof of "The Little Sauce Factory" public house in London Road (P02L0669)
Read the whole debate in Forum, at link: http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=3&topic=251

The Mobile Telecommunications Industry´s "Traffic light" test for best siting of Telecommunications equipment :
Hard to see how this site (and actually most other sites) qualifies as best siting, but calculate yourself:

The Mobile Telecommunications industry´s "Ten Commitments", where they claim to follow concerns of people and the concerns of the Stewart report for suitable siting of the equipment:

And finally the Mobile Telecommunications industry´s recommendations for suitable siting of equipment:

Click here to view the source article.
Source: By Kate Yates. Worcester News

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