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Remove cell tower
Trinidad Created: 23 Jan 2007

Residents of Ruth Avenue in San Fernando are calling for the removal of a Digicel cellular tower, which has been operating close to their homes for more than a year.

The residents blocked Ruth Avenue during a protest demonstration yesterday.

They stuck placards on the fence around of the tower. Some of them read: “Remove this tower now,” “Our children will fall ill,” and “No to radiation.”

Spokesman Kishore Kushal said they were scared of the radiation emitting from the tower.

“We have young children living here, and we do not want this tower here. We want this pulled down now.”

He said the residents were never consulted before the tower was erected.

The matter was brought to the attention of San Fernando West MP Diane Seukeran, who promised to assist.

“We also wrote to San Fernando City Corporation, but still nothing has been done,” Kushal said.

Another resident, Gloria Jaggernauth, said the tower came “like a thief in the night.

“We just got up one day and saw the tower up. We do not want it here, because we have families living here.

“Let them put it on San Fernando Hill, if they want to.”

Jaggernauth said a newspaper advertisement, recently, indicated that the tower was earmarked for removal.

“But the tower is still up. We want it taken down.”

She added that if nothing was done, residents would journey to the Prime Minister’s office in Port-of-Spain to complain.

Meanwhile, Pundit Vickram Maharaj, who lives close by, said somebody in authority must indicate the dangers of the cellular towers.

“We have to know, because people all over the country are concerned about this.”

Maharaj said there were four cellular towers in San Fernando, two of which were located on Coffee Street.

“If it is proven that the towers are dangerous, then take them down immediately,” Maharaj said.

San Fernando Mayor Kenneth Ferguson could not be reached for comment.

However, MP Seukeran said Town and Country Planning was investigating the existence of the tower.

“The relevant agencies are in communication, and the Digicel tower will come down, once it is in breach of the regulations,” she said.

Residents said they would continue their protests if the tower was not dismantled.

Photo: Cori Baynes Story by BY RADHICA SOOKRAJ
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