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Belgium Created: 1 Feb 2007
Electrosmog and non compliance with article 23 of the Constitution
Request for questioning of Mr Rudy Demotte, Federal Health Minister of Belgium.

Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen

On August 10, 2005, the ministers P. Dewael, A. Flahaut, Mr. Verwilghen, R. Demotte and B. Tobback signed a Royal Decree authorizing to submit each living person in the Kingdom of Belgium every single second of his life, to a radiation in pulsed high frequencies of 20.6 Volt per meter at 900 Mhz (and even more at higher frequencies) and consequently to all the officially
recognized biological effects associated therewith.
These limit value have been established on fragmentary scientific bases and are being argued against by many scientists, in particular because they do not take into account neither the permanent nature of the exposure, nor quantum physics. Incidentally none of the signatory ministers, nor any volunteer, would dare to submit himself to such a high frequencies intensity over a prolonged period of time and observe the effects on his own health.

Based on the most recent peer reviewed research, the 3 V/m limit value (and up to 4,3 V/m for UMTS) envisaged by the proposals of the Deputies of the Brussels Parliament and of the Flemish Parliament is still far too high for an acceptable health protection, since health effects occur on quite lower levels of exposure.

The European Commission legislated to create an electromagnetic standard of compatibility. The electronic instruments which are able to work without damage while being subjected to an electromagnetic field of 3 V/m can receive a "EC" logo. However contrary to these devices, the human body is not shielded to resist 3 V/m without health impact.
By the present call, we ask for the questioning of the Health Minister, Mr Rudy Demotte, in front of the Parliament, in a plenary sitting, for non compliance with Article 23 of the Constitution, which guarantees to every citizen of the Kingdom "the right for health protection" and "the right for a healthy environment". More fundamentally still, this policy of setting the population in deliberated danger constitutes an infringement of the Human Rights.

We trust that given the extent of the problems hereby covered and today made widely available in the most up-to-date scientific literature, you will as a Member of Parliament honor your high responsibilities and will not satisfy yourself with low scale or dilatory measures.

Please find attached on pages 7-12 our rationale. We would be pleased to answer any of your
questions related to this request.

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Source: Next-Up Organisation, 01 Feb 2007

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