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Bees give mobile phone firm the wrong buzz
United Kingdom Created: 28 Apr 2007
PLANS to put a mobile phone mast on a busy Eastbourne roundabout have been shelved because of a possible threat to bees.

Fears that the controversial masts are wiping out millions of bees have hit the headlines in recent weeks.

Eastbourne planners refused rermission for one to be sited on Langney Roundabout in St Anthony's Avenue at a meeting on Tuesday night because of the scare.

T-Mobile wanted to install the 14.7 metre high mast on the roundabout at
the junction of Pevensey Bay Road and Langney Rise.

Planning officers urged councillors to approve the application saying the phone company had submitted relevant safety certificates and the nearest residential properties were 40 metres away.

But members of the planning committee said they would not grant approval for the application until conclusive evidence is found that the
masts do not harm bees.

Scientists claim phone signals from masts and phones have wiped out millions of bees.

The phone signals are thought to upset their navigation and they die of exposure after losing their sense of direction.

Up to 90 per cent of bees have been killed in some areas and a number of
hives in the South East have been reported as being deserted.
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Source: Eastbourne Herald, 27 Apr 2007

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