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United Kingdom Created: 5 Jul 2005
Phone mast row decision due
A council and residents in need of educating!

A MOBILE phone mast row is set to be decided next week when councillors consider plans for two in the Fulford area of York.
T-Mobile have applied for permission of a 14.7-metre telecommunications pole with three antennae at the junction of Broadway and Heslington Lane,
and for an identical pole in Heslington Lane opposite the former Fairways Garden Centre.
City of York Council officers are recommending that no objections should be raised to the Broadway application, saying it would not cause undue harm to
public health, residential amenity or the area's character and appearance.
But they are recommending refusal for the other proposal, saying it is inappropriate in the Green Belt and would cause harm to the area's character and appearance.
However, Coun Keith Aspden, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulford, is calling for the east area planning and transport committee, which meets next Thursday, to vote the other way round.
He told the Evening Press there had been a long-running battle by local residents over a number of years to keep telecommunications poles away from their houses, and only one of the schemes needed approval to give the network the coverage it required.
He said all residents were very concerned about the impact of poles on their area, but if they were required, the correct sites must be selected.
Coun Aspden said: "The application opposite the former garden centre has much more public support - across all political parties in Fulford - and I hope that the planning committee rejects the officers' recommendation of refusal for this site."
He said the site was preferable to the Broadway scheme because it would have a lower impact on the living conditions of people nearby, as it would be 80 metres away instead of next to their homes.
He said: "We need to work with residents on telecommunication applications not against them."
Officers said seven objections had been received to the Broadway scheme, claiming the mast would be an eyesore, lower the values of nearby properties and be too close to playing areas and homes.
However, the other scheme had received only one objection, saying that the mast would harm Walmgate Stray, but three letters had been received in support, saying it would be further away from homes.
by Chris Greenwood York Today
Another club losing revenue for now

Mast kicked into touch
CONTROVERSIAL plans to site a phone mast close to an infant school have been refused, to the delight of 'ecstatic' residents.
Anger about the T-Mobile mast proposed by Ossett Albion FC was so strong that locals formed a pressure group to fight the plans for the Dimplewells Road site.
Ossett Residents Against Mobile Masts (ORAMM) presented a petition containing hundreds of signatures to the planning department to stop the mast being erected just 200m from Dimple Well Infant School.
Last week the group received the news they had been waiting for when the plans were refused on the grounds that the proposal would affect the visual amenity of green belt land, and because there were already a number of existing lighting columns in the area.
Group member Claire Wilby, of Dimple Well Gardens, said: “We are absolutely ecstatic. It’s ORAMM 1, Ossett Albion 0. Everyone I have spoken to is so happy. It is great that our hard work has paid off.
“There is a chance they could appeal, but we will not back down.”
Fellow member Roger Oakland was equally pleased. He said: “Residents and schoolchildren near the proposed site have scored their first goal against Ossett Albion in their fight against having a mast so close.
“Although Albion are within their rights to appeal, let’s hope it doesn’t go that far and they now consider the many hundreds of locals who have signed the petition.”
Speaking at the time of the application, Stuart Garside, vice-chairman of the club, based at Ossett Cricket and Athletic Club, said the safe positioning of the mast had always been a priority.
He said the mobile phone company had wanted to place the mast near the entrance of the cricket club ground, which would have been even closer to the school, but he strongly objected because he wanted it to be as far away from the school and any houses as possible.
The club did not wish to comment on the news that the application had been refused until they have it in writing.
Wakefield Today. 01 July 2005
Phone mast row may go to Europe
A BARDSEY couple are considering taking their battle against a controversial mobile phone mast to the European Court of Human Rights.
Chris and Geoff Nunn have been refused permission to take their landmark fight to the House of Lords but now they are getting advice about taking the matter to the European court.
The Bardsey mast was built by default by T-Mobile after Leeds City Council failed to issue planning refusal within the 56-day time limit.
A public inquiry was called but the inspector ruled that the mast was legal.
That decision was upheld in the High Court last year by Mr Justice Collins.
The couple then spent thousands of pounds proceeding with a judicial review which they had hoped would enable them to return to the Planning Inspectorate with a strong case for refusal of the Smithy Lane mast.
But in February the Court of Appeal told the Nunns there was nothing it could do to remove a planning law barrier that prevented them and fellow objectors from putting their case at a public inquiry last year.
The Nunns' lawyers had asked judges to rule that their human rights had been breached, arguing that a planning inspector's refusal to consider their case at the inquiry robbed them of a right to a fair hearing under human rights laws.
But the appeal judges said the only remedy open to the Nunns was to claim damages against Leeds City Council.
Mr and Mrs Nunn then appealed to the House of Lords but were refused.
By Sarah Kelly Wetherby News. sarah.kelly@ypn.co.uk

Phone mast GP loses appeal battle

A GP who has been fighting for three years to have a phone mast moved from near her home has been told she cannot take her case to the House of Lords.
Three law lords have refused permission for Dr Christine Nunn to challenge a Court of Appeal ruling but have not given any reasons for their decision.
The doctor, who lives in Bardsey, near Leeds, and her neighbours say the T-Mobile mast is a health hazard.
The mast was allowed because Leeds City Council bungled planning procedures.
In February, the appeal judges told the protestors the only remedy open to them was to claim damages from the council which lodged their notice of
objection one day after the statutory 56-day period had elapsed.
Property values
Dr Nunn and her neurosurgeon husband Geoff moved into the Old Vicarage in the village before the mast was built just 120 yards from their home.
Their legal battle began when the Nunns and their neighbours tried to protest at a planning inquiry that, as well as health implications, the mast would
hit property values.
But the inquiry inspector said he had no power to hear their case because Leeds City Council had failed to act within the time limit.
This prompted the Bardsey residents to take the case to the Court of Appeal and then the attempt to go to the House of Lords.
Dr Nunn said on Monday she was not surprised at the decision by the law lords and there would have been problems in paying the legal bills,
estimated at £30,000.
She added that the protestors would be meeting officers from Leeds City Council next week in the hope that the council might still be able to issue
an order that the phone mast should be taken down.
BBC News website 28.06.05

Mast fight may go Euro

A DOCTOR from Yorkshire who says a mobile telephone mast near her home threatens her and her children's health is considering whether
to take her case to the European courts.
Earlier this week Law Lords refused permission for Christine Nunn to appeal to the House of Lords against an Appeal Court ruling in February .
For two years Dr Nunn has been trying to have removed a T-Mobile UK phone mast 120 metres from her home in the village of Bardsey, near Leeds.
Mother-of-three Dr Nunn, believes the T-Mobile mast near The Old Vicarage could trigger the migraines she and her family suffer and will have an
adverse affect on property values.
She claims the refusal of a planning inspector to consider her case – because Leeds City Council was a day late in lodging its objections
to the mast and planning permission was therefore deemed to have been given by default – has robbed her of her right to a fair hearing.
Last night she said she was considering whether to take the case to Europe and pledged to continue her fight to challenge the legislation.
Yorkshire Post. Joanne Finley29 June 2005
Parents' fury over phone masts decision as Mast allowed near 3 schools

OUTRAGED residents say they are appalled at a decision announced yesterday which will allow the installation of a mobile phone
transmitter just yards from three Harrogate schools.
Protesters who fought tooth and nail to stop the 85ft T-Mobile mast being built say they have been let down and ignored after
High Court approval was upheld by the national Planning Inspectorate.
Campaigner, Paula Brooks, said she couldn’t believe the company was prepared to gamble on the health of young children.
“I’m devastated,” she said. ”The people in a community are not listened to.”
Cabinet Member for Planning, Coun Richard Cooper said: “The Planning Inspector has let down Harrogate Borough Council
by not supporting our decision to refuse planning permission.
He has also has let down residents living nearby and children at the schools.
I have asked Council Officers to see if there is any other way in which we can fight this proposal as the landowner.”
l Full update next Friday.
Knaresborough Today. 17 June 2005


Star psychic – I will help mast objectors

WORLD famous psychic Uri Geller has stepped in to support campaigners who are trying to stop a mobile phone mast from being built near three
Harrogate schools.
Speaking exclusively to the Harrogate Advertiser, the celebrity said he believed everything possible should be done to stop masts being built near homes
and schools and he pledged his personal support to Campus members who are fighting plans to build a 3G mast on Claro Road.
"The practice of putting mobile phone masts near schools should be outlawed and I am appalled that the Government is giving permission for such masts
to go up in areas like this," he said.
"My knowledge of the danger of masts leads me to believe that anyone living near them is endangering their lives. I believe they can cause many ailments, especially in children whose skulls are so much thinner than those of adults, and there is no doubt in my mind that these masts radiate low frequency
waves which sooner or later will damage people's health.
"I'm willing to do anything I can to help the Harrogate campaigners and protect the health and well-being of these children."
Mr Geller, who shot to fame in the 1970s when he demonstrated his ability to bend spoons using the power of his mind, was contacted by
Harrogate mast protester Jean Bowman after he appeared on a TV stitch up programme.
Programme makers pretended to build a mobile phone mast close to his home and Mr Geller, unaware that he was the subject of a prank,
reacted strongly and immediately called his lawyers.
Campus member Mrs Bowman, who has been a staunch campaigner against the Claro Road mast, saw the programme and wrote to
Uri Geller to ask for his help.
"Within a day he was on the phone to me," said Mrs Bowman.
"He told me he was convinced phone masts were a major health risk and he said he would do anything he could to help us."
Mrs Bowman, who moved her five-year-old daughter away from one of the schools affected by the mast at Christmas because of concerns
about the risks to her health, said the celebrity's involvement was a welcome boost to the campaign.
"I sometimes feel that because we are just ordinary parents our opinions will be ignored, so having someone high profile behind us is wonderful,
" she added.
The campaigners expect to hear the outcome of their latest appeal against the mast in mid June.

20 May 2005

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