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United Kingdom Created: 5 Jul 2005
Bromsgrove: Protest over phone mast

PARENTS worried about the effects a mobile phone mast may have on their children's health took to the streets to highlight their campaign to have it resited.
T-mobile wants to put up a 12-metre high mast, disguised as a telegraph pole, near a filling station on the brow of Old Birmingham Road.
The site is just 70 metres from Rhymes Nursery.
The toddlers' parents are not happy about the plan and last Friday Bromsgrove's MP Julie Kirkbride joined in their protest.
Residents and parents have previously met with representatives from the phone company to voice their fears over the long-term health risks
from the mast.
Then it was agreed that T-mobile would look at alternative sites suggested by residents.
Miss Kirkbride said: "I really would appeal to T-mobile to reconsider the location.
This is a purpose-built nursery offering first-class facilities. If mobile phone companies have a policy of not locating masts near schools,
they should apply that policy to nurseries."
Beacon Labour county councillor Peter McDonald, who originally took up the residents' concerns, also urged the company to give serious
thought to the residents' pleas.
"I sincerely hope they heed the genuine concerns many people have. If parents remove their children because of the mast it could have serious
consequences for the nursery," he said.
Parent Mark Bromhall's comment was typical of many. He said: "Our children should be protected.
Asbestos and smoking were once considered safe.
It takes a long time for the effects to become known."
John Shaughnessy, a spokesman for T-mobile, said his company is currently examining the eight alternative locations suggested by residents
and parents to see if they are suitable from a point of view of access and network coverage.
This is Bromsgrove 19.07.05
Dudley: Another MP calling for changes,

Calls for tougher stance on masts

Mobile phone masts should be subject to stricter planning laws to stop them being built outside schools and houses, the MP for Dudley North has said.
Ian Austin wants the government to bring in extra safeguards for towers planned near schools, homes and medical centres.
He also wants fears over possible health concerns addressed.
Under current planning legislation they can only turned down by local councils if masts are considered to have a detrimental impact, either visually
or if they affect an area economically by reducing property prices. Authorities cannot currently turn down applications on health grounds.
Mr Austin launched his campaign after hearing that mobile phone giants T-Mobile and Vodafone had submitted applications to build masts near to
houses on Setton Road, in Sedgley, and opposite Bramford Primary School, on Tipton Road, in Dudley.
Mr Austin said he shared residents' concerns over the masts and that he wanted to find a solution to the problem that councils have with
planning applications.
The MP said: "Residents in Woodsetton and at Milking Bank are very concerned about the proposed new masts.
"I am on their side, I understand their concerns and have received hundreds of responses to lend weight to my call for the council to sling these
applications out.
"But I want to find a permanent solution to the problem too, which is why I'm campaigning in Parliament for stricter planning laws and extra safeguards
near schools, homes and medical facilities."
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Jul 14, 2005, 14:46

Residents in mast victory

VICTORIOUS residents are celebrating after persuading councillors to throw out plans for a third mobile phone mast close to their homes.
Several hundred people mounted a forceful campaign against their neighbourhood, around Stourport Road, being turned into a "dumping ground for masts."
This week, the district council's planning development control committee voted against an officer's recommendation for approval and refused the bid by
02 to build a 15m mast behind Charlie Brown's Autos, off Lisle Avenue.
Protest co-ordinator, Anita Gallagher, of Communities Against Mobile Masts, said residents were "overjoyed" by the decision and she thanked all those involved.
More than 100 protest letters, a 635-named petition and postcards with pictures showing how residents felt the area had already been blighted by a Vodafone mast in the same location had been sent to councillors.
Mrs Gallagher, whose home in Hospital Lodge is 130m from the site, said: "We are not a dumping ground for mobile masts."
Kiddermister Shuttle
Mobile phone mast go-ahead on appeal

PLANNING bosses have given the green light to a controversial mobile phone mast despite strong opposition in Droitwich Spa.
An application by Hutchison 3G for permission to erect the mast on the Yew Tree Hill water tower had originally been refused by Wychavon District Council because of its visual impact.
But now planners have said the scheme can go ahead after the company appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol.
Inspectors decided the site satisfies the Government guidelines, and although they were aware of a number of concerns regarding the health effects of the masts, it is the view of the Government that the planning system is not the place for determining health safeguards.
Senior planning officer for Wychavon District Council, Robert Peel said: "Planning officers originally recommended permission be granted because it complied with planning laws but councillors on the planning committee chose to refuse the application, as is their right."
Droitwich Spa Town Council, which is not the planning authority but makes recommendations to the district council, has a policy of recommending refusal of 3G phone masts until more is known about health implications.
The tower is already used as a site for several companies' mobile phone masts but this scheme will be its first 3G mast.
Mayor Richard Morris said: "I feel our planning laws are very outdated if they do not allow us to consider the health and wellbeing of the people in our town as well as the volume of mobile communications on one site.
"I urge people to write to the Deputy Prime Minister and ask for a significant change in the planning laws so they more effectively consider people and not big business."
A spokesman for Hutchison 3G said all their base stations had been shown to work well within the radiation protection guidelines and overall evidence suggested they were unlikely to pose a risk to health.
Droitwich Star Advertiser

Warndon Villages: Worcester:
A 32 feet high mobile phone mast could be installed in a residential Worcester street.
Planners at the city council are considering whether phone firm O2 should be allowed to build the mast on the west side of Woodgreen Drive,
opposite Dugdale Drive, in Warndon Villages.
Worcester Evening News. 130605

Tolladine. Worcester

OBJECTORS have lost their battle to prevent a mobile phone mast from being erected in Worcester.
At a Worcester City Council's planning committee meeting yesterday, members voted in favour of the Vodafone mast, at Tolladine Golf Course, after hearing that they could not justify refusing it on safety grounds.
They were told by planning manager Peter Yates that the 18m mast, which would be sited 200m away from the nearest house met national and international safety guidelines.
"This meets the safety standards very generously," he said.
"YOU GET THAT AMOUNT OF RADIATION FROM A STEAM IRON - it is well within the Government guidelines."
The mast will be disguised as a tree will be placed within a row of existing conifer trees.
Objector Gerard Foster, of Home Meadow in Warndon Villages said: "We question the effectiveness of the disguise.
"You must consider the health risks."
The application was passed on the grounds that a generator would only be used as a back-up in the case of a power cut and that equipment on the mast and ground must be effectively disguised.
Worcester Evening News: 11 March 2005

Warndon Villages. Worcester.

Our kids are at risk from mast
PARENTS close to a golf course where there are plans to build a mobile phone mast say they are worried about the effect it could have on their children's health.
Mother-of-two Cathy Foster, of Cover Green, Warndon Villages, says she would consider moving home if the mast went up on Tolladine Golf Course.
She and her neighbours are going to raise objections at Worcester City Council's planning meeting.
Mrs Foster, who has two children, aged 10 months and three-and-a-half years, says the proximity of the proposed mast made her fear for the future for them and other children in the area.
"There are just too many uncertainties," she said.
"It's not just the health risk but I'm sure it would devalue the house, too.
"The mast is going to be only about 250 metres from my house and I just don't want my kids to be guinea pigs in this kind of experiment.
"Perhaps there's no conclusive body of evidence at the moment to say what dangers there are but I don't want my kids to be placed in any danger, especially when they are still so young and vulnerable."
As reported in last week's Evening News, Vodafone has applied for permission to build the mast on the course disguised as a fir tree.
"We well understand that people do have concerns about health but all our masts comply with stringent international guidelines," said spokeswoman for Vodafone Jane Frapwell.
"We do want to protect all sectors of the public, whether they are one metre away from the mast or 1,000 metres away.
"These are World Health Organisation guidelines and they say there are no adverse health effects if these guidelines are met."
But Warndon Parish (South) City Councillor Lucy Hodgson said she supported residents' objections.
"The residents from Cover Green are extremely unhappy about the proposed mast for Vodafone on the golf course," she said.
"I am fully backing their campaign and will be objecting to the mast.
"We are getting letters written to the planning department but would like to alert as many people in the surrounding area as possible that this mast is being proposed," she added.
Worcester Evening News 16 February 2005

Tolladine. Worcester.

A SECOND mobile phone mast is likely to be put up on Tolladine Golf Course.
Vodafone has put in a planning application for a mast disguised as a fir tree to improve its mobile coverage.
It follows criticisms the company received from the city council after it put up a temporary mast without planning permission last year.
Residents in The Fairway, off Tolladine Road, complained because the mast was not disguised and needed a noisy generator to power it.
But the new mast will be some way from homes and disguised as a tree - although it will have a standby generator that will reach 60 decibels at night.
A similar mast, put up by mobile phone company 3, has been on the course for two years.


Second mobile phone mast for golf course on the cards
A SECOND mobile phone mast is likely to be put up on Tolladine Golf Course.
Vodafone has put in a planning application for a mast disguised as a fir tree to improve its mobile coverage.
*** It follows criticisms the company received from the city council after it put up a temporary mast without planning permission last year.
Residents in The Fairway, off Tolladine Road, complained because the mast was not disguised and needed a noisy generator to power it.
But the new mast will be some way from homes and disguised as a tree - although it will have a standby generator that will reach 60 decibels at night.
A similar mast, put up by mobile phone company 3, has been on the course for two years.
Warndon Parish Council raised no objection to the latest plans, although member Frank Lauriello warned that it could set a precedent.
"This could open the floodgates so there could be more up there before long.
"What if Orange, for example, comes along and wants to put up a mast?
"It's very important that these things stay in keeping with the environment."
***A temporary mast, on the back of a trailer, was put up last November under cover of darkness prompting what
Worcester City Council's principal planning officer Peter Yates called an "exchange of views" between him and Vodafone.
The temporary mast was taken away and the new planning application has now been submitted.
The application will now go before Worcester City Council's planning committee for approval, taking into account the views of the parish council and other people affected.
Worcester Evening News 09 February 2005:

Residents' fury at mast plans

ANGRY residents battling plans to put three mobile phone masts on the same Kidderminster site say the area is in danger of becoming
a "dumping ground" for masts.
A 12 metre monopole has already been put up on the Charlie Brown site in Stourport Road, shocking many neighbouring householders,
who had not realised planning permission had been granted when it appeared.
They were horrified to discover - just days later - that two separate applications had been submitted to Wyre Forest District Council to
build another two masts on the same land.
One of the proposals, for a 15 metre Hutchinson 3G mast, will be discussed at the district council's planning and environmental
control committee meeting on Tuesday and residents are desperately trying to make their fears known in the meantime.
Stourport Road resident, Anita Gallagher, whose husband, Tony, will address councillors to explain the opposition to the plan,
said householders had formed a group called Communities Against Mobile Masts and filled their windows with posters saying
"Say No To Masts".
This is Kidderminster


Lymm. Warrington: T-Mobile mast plan
PLANS have been submitted to Warrington Borough Council to erect a phone mast in Lymm.
Mobile phone giant T-Mobile has submitted proposals to build a 15-metre mast at land at Sowbrook Wastewater Station on Lymmhay Lane in the village.

Posters blitz against mast plan
Hundreds of people have organised a massive poster blitz against plans for a third mobile phone mast on their doorsteps in Kidderminster.
Residents in Stourport Road have plastered their homes with the striking yellow posters, with messages including "ET didn't need a mast
that big to phone home", "Kids not quids" and "Health not wealth".
The campaign has been launched by resident Anita Gallagher after the firm Hutchinson won a battle to erect a 49ft high pole behind Charlie Brown's Autos off Lisle Avenue on Tuesday night.
Vodafone has already build its mast on the same site - and O2 is expected to be successful with an application shortly.
A 54-name petition and 45 letters of objection were submitted to Wyre Forest District Council by people living near the site ahead of Tuesday's planning meeting, but to no avail.
Now residents, many of whom fought off plans to build an incinerator on their doorsteps, are demanding that no more masts are built.
Mrs Gallagher said: "We did have a laugh when we came up with the poster slogans, especially the 'ET phone home' message.
"We just fear for people's health, but we are told we are not allowed to object on health grounds."
Cheryl Jones, of Stourport Road, fears that health problems will be caused by the masts.
She said: "I'm disgusted by it all. We don't know what health risks are behind all of this."
Samantha Windridge, of Lisle Avenue, said: "We feel that we are not being listened to."
Deputy leader of Wyre Forest District Council Marcus Hart said: "I do feel very sorry for the residents, but the Government set us guidelines
saying that we can only refuse applications on siting and appearance."
By Ben Smallman. Jun 11, 2005, Kidderminster Express and Star
Warrington Guardian

Halesowen Councillor wages war on masts
Bid to screen 'joke' phone mast schemes

Radical plans to stop phone mast applications that "waste tax payers' money" have been unveiled by a Halesowen councillor.
Hayley Green and Cradley South Councillor Ken Turner wants to initiate six-monthly meetings between mobile phone giants and planning bosses.
The move comes three years after initial attempts to launch the scheme failed due to lack of support.
Councillor Turner said two current applications - one on green belt in Lutley Mill Road and one just yards from Huntingtree Primary School - were so outrageous they should not even go before Dudley Council's development control panel.
He said: "Both the application for the school and for the green belt land in Lutley Mill Road are a joke.
"If someone can provide me with evidence that these masts are safe to be near children I will not try to stop them being put up - but that has not yet happened.
"Any mast on green belt land will be out of place and totally alien to the environment.
We shouldn't be wasting the development control committee's time and money with this sort of thing.
Councillor Turner was instrumental in abortive plans to arrange regular meetings with mobile phone firm representatives in 2002.
"We had difficulties last time getting members to come along but I think things have changed quite dramatically since then.
"I think the time is now right for councillors to get together around a table with people from the mobile companies and look after residents' interests."
He said phone company representatives could bring prospective plans for applications to meetings where issues could be ironed out ahead of the more costly planning process.
A spokeswoman for Vodafone said they would be in favour of the proposals.
"We are always very happy to talk to local councillors and make use of their extensive knowledge of the area," she said.
A spokesman for Dudley Council said no objections had been received from members of the public on either the Lutley Mill Road or
Huntingtree Primary School applications.
By Richard Williams Halesowen Chronicle
Jun 17, 2005, 09:39

Illegally-erected mast taken down

Mobile phone giant Vodafone is dismantling a mast it put up illegally in a Worcestershire village.
The company erected a cabin and a mast in Salwarpe last October without planning permission.
Villagers objected to the installation in a conservation area. Wychavon District Council gave Vodafone until Tuesday to take it all down.
A company spokesperson said the mast's generator was turned off last week so it was no longer operating.
They added that the mast and equipment would be dismantled by the end of the month.
BBC news website 24 may 05

Calls for `illegal' phone mast veto
A MOBILE phone mast has been put up in a village near Droitwich without planning permission or consultation
The Vodafone third generation (3G) mast appeared - to villagers' amazement - in a private field in Salwarpe.
But residents say they are outraged that the communications giant has no planning permission for the transmitter and that it failed to let anyone know it was erecting the mast last week.
"I have received many letters from residents who are very angry about this," said Wychavon councillor, Andrew Christian-Brookes.
"If a member of the public builds a house without permission, Wychavon District Council would use the law to stop them and force them to take it down.
"No resident could build a house and then say `it's OK, we will come back in six months with a planning application'.
"There cannot be a rule for one, and one for another. Vodafone must stick to rules like everyone else."
Villagers had at first believed that farm building work was going on but then a 50ft mast appeared.
Mr Christian-Brookes said that he and residents would now be officially objecting to the mast and hoped that legal action would be taken against Vodafone.
Principal area planning officer for Wychavon, Mike Hurst, confirmed the council had received a letter from Vodafone asking for planners' views on a possible mast but that no permission had been granted.
"We are aware of the mast. Vodafone has jumped the gun and we are now investigating the situation," he said.
A spokesman for Vodafone said the antenna was only a temporary structure but said the company would be applying for planning permission for a permanent mast to be put up somewhere on the site.
"The mast is in a rural area and tall trees around the area minimise its visual impact," said the spokeswoman.
Farmer and owner of the land, Mike Davis, said he did not wish to comment on the issue.
Worcester Evening News 04 November 2004

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