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Historical Trial against Orange in France
France Created: 18 Jul 2005
Orange Relay Antennas in Crest, Drome, France.

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After an adjourdment from Orange, a great historical trial against Orange is going to be taken. A summary procedure is going to take place in the Court of Justice in Valence on Wesdnesday 6 of July 2005 at 9.00 am.

The preliminary investigations of the summary procedure have been lasting for more than a month and a half and the file is more than 200 pages.

42 files from neighbourhood represent more than 150 people related to ASL.

This means that about more than 35 per cent of people living in the near aera which is directectly irradiated by the dangerous Orange relay antennas are concerned. These people suffer from biological and sanitary symptoms (not counting the ones in hospital).

Moreover, it is the first time for France to claim that the principles of precautionary measures which are written in the French Constitution are set (examinations by the scientists).

Since the scientist leader of l'AFSSE, Pr. Denis Zmirou, who had to cope with pressures from Scientists and Associations, the myth about the harmlessness of the electromagnetic fields of the mobile phone is a failure and a real danger.

Orange is well aware about this.

So Orange directly irradiates people with its fields of its strong relay antennas.
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Source: Published by Omega news, 15 June 2005.

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