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Residents fight phone mast plans
United Kingdom Created: 1 Aug 2007
Southfields residents are battling plans for eight mobile phone masts in their area.

Orange have bombarded Wandsworth Council with applications for sites including Viewfield Road, Wimbledon Park Road, Victoria Drive, Princes Way, Augustus Road and West Hill.

A spokesman for Orange said Southfields suffered from poor mobile phone coverage and the company had been attempting to build masts there for a number of years

But residents in Augustus Road said the proposed 10 metre mast near their homes would decrease property value, clutter up a pedestrian walkway and affect the appearance of the area which they said was distinguished by trees and greenery.

Some were concerned at reports of health risks surrounding mobile phone masts.

Signs and petitions have been posted urging neighbours to send their objections to the council before the deadline on Friday, August 2.

Councillor Elizabeth Howlett, of West Hill ward, said: "They have placed eight applications in the hope that one or two will go through."

The Orange spokesman said: "Although we understand people's concerns about the health issues surrounding mobile phone masts, there is currently no evidence to suggest ill health despite many years of research."
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Source: Wimbledon Guardian, Chloe Lambert, 01 Aug 2007

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