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Conflicting Industry "expert" press releases
Bulgaria Created: 30 Aug 2007
Hmm, this is strange - two mobile phone industry press releases by same author, Ian Ball, that present conflicting conclusions.

First press release says all is clear:
In the earlier days, cellular phones were of brick size and they were usually attached to immobile surfaces such as cars etc. However, developments in technology, have led to the introduction of many pocket sized mobile phones. The mobile phone depends upon the use of radiations for its function. Since the whole world has been lured by this necessity, there is always a concern about the harmful effects of the radiations.

The harmful effects of the cell phone radiations were exposed in the year 1993. A case was reported in Florida, wherein a law suit was filed by a man, who claimed that his wife had been affected by brain tumour, because of the use of cell phone. It was only after such a case, that numerous researches have been conducted to find out if the cell phones really emit radiations that are harmful.

While some of the studies indicate that the microwaves emitted by the cell phones doubled the cancer cells in mice, the Cellular Telecommunications Association has spent so much on the research of the harmful radiations emitted by the cell phones. It still remains a controversy and it is still not proved whether cell phone radiations are harmful or not. The cell phones have been supposed to give out what is known as the Electromagnetic Radiations. As the phones are powered by electricity, they are believed to give out their electrical and magnetic fields. These radiations are emitted by other electronic goods such as microwave oven, electric clocks, computers and other such appliances. Such radiations come under the category of non ionizing radiations.

Non ionizing radiations are those which do not have the energy to cause ionization, which is they do not have the sufficient energy, to break apart molecules and atoms and turn them into ions. Ionizing radiations however, have high energy and they break apart molecules and atoms and turn them into ions. Examples of such harmful radiations are Gamma radiations and X-rays. When human cells are exposed to such harmful radiations, the DNA within the cells gets damaged, or their sequence gets changed resulting in mutations and birth defects. According to some research, the relation between the radiations and the effects of them on the users can be summarized as follows:

· The users of cell phone do not run a high risk of getting cancer than non users.

· Frequent users of cell phones do not have the risk of getting cancer or non malignant tumours, than those who use the phones rarely.

· It is a myth that brain tumours and cancers tend to develop on the side of the head, at which the phone has been used.

One of the observable harmful effects of mobile phones however has been the thermal effects. The microwave radiations cause dielectric heating. Here any dielectric material such as a living tissue gets heated up by rotation of polar molecules of the electromagnetic radiations. Therefore for the person who uses a cell phone, the heating will occur at the surface of the head.

As the subject by itself is controversial, the cell phones can be utilized judiciously and purposefully, as prevention is always better than cure.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/communication-articles/harmful-effects-of-cell-phone-radiations-205163.html

About the Author:
Ian Ball is an expert on the telecomms industry

Second press release, same author, says the opposite:

In 2001,a scientist found out that there is some harmful radiation emitted from mobile phone that causes cancer and brain tumours to human beings. Only low level of radiation is emitted is the answer given by mobile phone companies but tests have proven that even low level of radiation brings in harmful effects to human being when mobiles are used frequently. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic rays causes damage to the cell structures and ends up with brain tumours.

Another scientist and a well-known neurosurgeon have concluded after several researches that Brain tumour has become the leading threat overhauling blood cancer. The tumour patients have developed the tumours near the same side of the ears where they use the cell phones.

Sensorineural hearing loss disabilities have been reported due to the constant usage of mobile phones. The other harmful effects caused by the radiations from mobile phones are, it affects the eyes, causes tiredness, dizziness and headache. The quality of sleep becomes torment. It also causes problems in the reproductive system. It causes memory and reaction time problems.

We really need not panic because there is lots of ways that help us avoid getting affected from the radiations caused by the cell phones. Here are some of the techniques to be followed to avoid EMR from mobile phones affect the user:

Reduce the number of calls made and received from the mobile phones.

Make use of home phones for longer conversations (avoid using cordless phones too). A longer conversation over the cell phones causes exposure to more Electromagnetic radiations resulting in serious health problems.

Always have an eye on the length of the call you speak over the mobile phone. Longer the call, excess amount of heat will be generated around the ears, which should possibly be avoided.

Making use of Hands free with a speaker and cord that runs directly into the ears is not safe. It accelerates the damage even more badly.

Avoid keeping the phone on or closer to the body; it brings in frightening effects like causing infertility in men.

Make sure that you talk what exactly is needed, avoid making social calls and gossiping for long hours together.

Avoid calls before sleep, which brings the quality of sleep to danger causing sleep disturbances and fatigue.

The best ever suggestion is to use a mobile phone that has a feature which includes a inbuilt speaker using which one can place the phone at a distance then speak and listen to avoid the radiations pass causing health hazards to mankind.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/communication-articles/mobile-phone-radiation-205175.html

About the Author:
Ian Ball is an expert on the telecomms industry
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Source: PR-GB.com, 29 Aug 2007

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