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Ambulance driver sacked for slamming death-cause TETRA flaws
Denmark Created: 28 Nov 2007
The new response radio system TETRA is meant to enable better communication in emergencies but flaws in the system can well be making things worse.

That's what ambulance driver Michael Brandt from Gentofte, Denmark, thinks and he has repeatedly criticized the Tetra system.
Now the council want's him sacked reports newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Michael Brandt has experienced twice, how problems with the Tetra system caused vital information to get lost in a rescue effort.
Both times, the accident victim died.

"It's sheer luck that we don't have more dead people on our hands - but it will happen for sure" he says.

He is supported in his criticism of Tetra by deputy mayor in Gentofte, Marie-Louise Andreassen.
"I have personally been to the firestation and witnessed with my own eyes at the Tetra system is full of flaws. The Mayor can't escape responsibility any longer and use dirty methods to silence critics that point out that there are serious problems" she says to the newspaper.

Mayor Hans Toft has not yet commented on the newspapers information.
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Source: Version2, Torben R. Simonsen, 27 Nov 2007, translation bty H. Eiriksson

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