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Mayor warns Digicell over Mast
Trinidad Created: 2 Dec 2007
CHAGUANAS Mayor Suruj Rambachan is calling for the immediate stoppage of construction of a Digicel cellular transmission tower on Endeavour Road Extension, Chaguanas.

At the site yesterday, Rambachan said he received a petition signed by 350 residents opposed to the tower, because of health and safety concerns.

Rambachan also said contractors for the project, which is being constructed east of Price Plaza, never got permission from Chaguanas Borough Corporation.

“Town and Country has confirmed that no approval has been granted. The Chaguanas Borough Corporation’s municipal police have asked the contractor to stop the construction.

“I have called Digicel and left messages which have not been returned. Digicel has constructed a major cell tower at Medford on the flyover without any approval.

“Their corporate arrogance is unbecoming. Further, they compound the arrogance by ignoring the calls of the mayor,” said Rambachan.

He described the action by Digicel as nothing short of lawlessness and a wanton disregard for the people they want to attract as customers.

“By their behaviour they are being lawless exemplars. I am now publicly calling on the CEO of Digicel to meet on this matter.

“We received today information that they intend to continue this work tomorrow.

“We, therefore, warn Digicel not to break the law. If they do, they will face the consequences.”

Rambachan said the contractor on the project had also damaged the roadway and pavement in the area.
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Source: Trinidad guardian newspapers

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