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French study shows lab rats only getting sick from cellphone radiation while surfing Mast-Victims.org website
France Created: 7 Sep 2005
A new French study, sponsored by telecoms, shows that scientists have only observed adverse radiation health effects in lab rats while subjecting them to the Mast-Victims website.

The lab rats used in the study have been specially trained by the scientists to use computers and surf the world-wide-web in order to explore the relation between the writings of anti-mast protestors and the experience of adverse health effects.

The study found that especially the most susceptible lab rats with low self-esteem, fragile and receptive to the rantings of anti-mast protestors, immediatly experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea, sleep pattern disturbances and even vomiting while being forcibly subjected to the writings on the www.mast-victims.org website.

René Russo, the general delegate of AFOM (Association Française des Opérateurs Mobiles) organization representing the French TELCOS, says that this proves his point beyond any reasonable doubt. In explanation he said:
"There are indeed, today many sick people".
"These patients exist... not because of the electromagnetic radiations but because of the fear, which you have often inspired to those people, of the pseudo harmful effects of the masts. Fragile and receptive to your speeches or your writings, these people induce, by nocebo effect, the true diseases starting from false causes."

He went on to explain his excitement and relief: "after years of cultivating naive web-surfing rats we now have proof of the harmlessness of our masts and cellphones. The symptoms are all 100% psychosomatic".

When asked about the whereabouts and condition of the lab rats, now after the research is over, Mr. Russo said: "the rats are doing fine and are recovering rapidly from their stress now that the lab computers have been disconnected from the Internet"
Source: This is a JOKE in response to Rene Russos ridiculous claim. By Henrik Eiriksson, www.mast-victims.org

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