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Pico residents oppose Sun Cell tower construction
Philippines Created: 17 Mar 2008
WHILE residents are wary on the possible hazards of living near communication towers, companies believe their business does not pose any harm to public health.

The absence of medical findings to prove that cell sites pose dangers to human health remains the justification of communication companies to continue putting up cell towers for their operations.

In La Trinidad, villagers have manifested their objection against the proposed operation of a base station of a mobile telephone company in Barangay Pico, citing the dangers this facility might cause on them and their children.

The signatories to the opposition raised the fear of possible dangers, which could be brought about by the facility on their health.

They asked the local government not to allow the establishment of the Sun Cellular facility in their village.

Management of Sun Cellular however said the operation of its radio base station will not adversely affect the health of residents living near the site where the facility will be put up.

In a letter to Pico barangay leader Juan Mendoza, the company said while cell sites produce hazardous emissions, these do not affect a person if the distance between the facility and an individual is within the recommended and safe distance. It was not however learned if how far could be the minimum safe distance.

Among the dangers, which could be brought about by radio frequency and microwave radiation include heating effects which could lead to cataract, skin burns, deep burns, and heat stroke.

The Municipal Council has passed a resolution granting clearance to the Sun Cellular company to install and operate the radio base facility in their area.
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Source: Sun.Star, Jane Cadalig, 16 Mar 2008

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