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Will cell phones kill more than cigarettes?
USA Created: 2 Apr 2008
KUSA An internationally recognized, award-winning brain surgeon says cell phones could be a greater threat to worldwide public health than smoking or asbestos.

Australian Dr. Vini Khurana says it is because far more people are using cell phones and at earlier ages, increasing their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

After reviewing more than 100 studies on the effects of cell phone use, Khurana says using cell phones for more than 10 years could more than double the risk of brain cancer.

The cell phone industry says it is not convinced of Khurana's opinion.

Britain's Mobile Operations Association dismissed the study as "a selective discussion of scientific literature by one individual."

In his research paper, Khurana calls for the industry and governments to take action to reduce people's exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

He calls for more use of shielded cell phones, hands-free devices and restricted use among young children.
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Source: NBC 9news, Jeffrey Wolf, 31 Mar 2008

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