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Scotland Created: 25 Sep 2005
One in 20 Scots are victims of radio waves from police masts

Fury as 1000 new pylons are erected all over Scotland

ONE in 20 Scots is at risk from a crippling illness triggered by electromagnetic waves from new police radio masts.
Victims of electro sensitivity suffer nausea, headaches, nose bleeds, loss of feeling in arms and legs and chest pains.

One victim compared it to being a human aerial.

Professor Olle Johansson, of the department of neuroscience at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, said:
"Once proper investigations have been carried out I'd expect to see between three to five per cent of people in Scotland and the rest of the UK
diagnosed as electro sensitive."

The new £2.5billion police communication system Tetra - Terrestrial Trunked Radio - has been introduced throughout the UK.
More than 1000 masts have been erected in Scotland.
They pulse at 17.6Hz - above the 16Hz frequency the Government's Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones warns might affect brain activity.
Experts say radio waves at this frequency can cause calcium to leak from the brain, causing damage to the nervous and immune systems.
If the masts are under 15 metres they don't need planning permission.
The Sunday Mail spoke to three victims of the illness last week.

# Former nurse Catherine Fraser, 78, of Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow, claims her home vibrates due to the masts near it.
# Georgie Hyslop, 63, of Largs, Ayrshire, says she travelled 14,000 miles to escape the affects of electromagnetic fields.
# Website designer Mark Bannerman, 40, of Pittenweem, Fife, has been unable to switch on his computer since a Tetra mast was built near his home.

Electrosensitivity is a heightened reaction to electrical energy when exposed to electromagnetic fields such as microwave radiation from mobile phones,
radio waves from phone and Tetra masts and energy from pylons.

It has been identified as a major problem in a report to be published next month by the Government-backed Health Protection Agency.

Rod Read, chairman of Electrosensitivity UK, said:
"We are being exposed to so much electric emissions that certain people are reaching saturation point
25 September 2005
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Source: By Julia Hunt. The Sunday Mail Scotland.

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