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1500 more masts for 3G rollout - ECPA claims "no evidence" of cancer risk
Belgium Created: 12 Sep 2008
BELGIUM Belgian mobile phone network operators want to build an additional 1,500 mobile phone masts to enable mobile internet access on laptops.

There are fears that mobile phone masts present a threat to health although the exact impact of the GSM radiation from the masts in unknown. According to the European Cancer Prevention Agency, there is no evidence that radiation from mobile phone masts can lead to cancer.

Currently, there are already 6,643 ordinary mobile phone masts in Belgium on the roofs of buildings or on church spires.

The country's three mobile phone operators, Proximus, Base and Mobistar want to erect extra masts as they are needed for the UMTS network which will enable laptop users to access the internet when they are on the move.

Planning permission has already been issued for 441 of the 1,526 new masts planned.
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Source: Expatica, 12 Sep 2008

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