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Householders' victory in phone mast battle
Wales Created: 13 Feb 2009
A PLAN to build a mobile phone mast near homes has been thrown out by councillors.

Vodafone UK had applied to build a 13-metre mast next to the Lidl supermarket, in Trallwn Road, Llansamlet.

However, after members of Swansea Council's area one development control committee had visited the site, they rejected the company's application.

According to a report presented to councillors, the mast would be around 35 metres from the nearest home.

The decision was almost unanimous. No member voted against Councillor Dennis James's proposal to reject the plan but three councillors abstained.

During the debate on the application, committee members slammed the proposal the third application for a mobile phone mast in the vicinity. Council planners had rejected similar proposals in 2003.

Ward member June Evans said: "I am very disappointed to see this again. It is the third attempt in almost the same area.

"People are very angry that this has come up again would you want it near your house?"

Councillor John Hague said: "As far as I am concerned, they have tried it a few times and nothing has changed. It is still the same area."

Councillor James said: "I don't understand why this is up before us again. Councillor Evans and I have dealt with this on two previous occasions. It never should have come before us again," he added.

Several councillors questioned the perceived health risks of mobile phone masts.

Councillor Hague said: "There is no guarantee that there is no damage to health."

Members of the committee rejected the application by 10 votes to one, before approving Councillor James's motion of rejection on the grounds the mast would be "detrimental to the street scene".
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Source: South Wales Evening Post, 12 Feb 2009

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