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Campaigners beat Vodafone
United Kingdom Created: 13 Feb 2009
LYDIATE campaigners are celebrating after winning a battle to stop a mobile phone mast being built in a residential area.

The Maghull & Aintree Star can reveal that a planning application by Vodafone has been cancelled, days before it was due to go to a committee.

It was proposed to put the 12m mast on unowned land in Southport Road, outside the Weld Blundell Arms and close to two primary schools.

Now the mobile phone giant has relented, with the application was to be heard yesterday (Wednesday) at Bootle Town Hall scrapped.

Campaigner Valerie Nelson said: “I received a phone call from Sefton Council last Thursday that Vodafone are looking for another site.

“The official reason given was that it was going to be too costly to put the mast up because of the foundations.”

As soon as residents were informed of the application they drew up a petition and within a week more than 300 signatures were submitted to Sefton Council.

Mrs Nelson, who lives on Woodleigh Close, added: “We are ecstatic it has been cancelled.

“My husband, William, and a neighbour Steve Pierce led the campaign and had petitions in the newsagents and Mace store.

“They were going to speak out at the council meeting as well.

“Loads of residents were going to attend the meeting and protest, it was amazing the amount of people getting involved.

“We only had a week to get the petition together and hand it in and even after that people were writing to the council.

“People were worried about their children and the health issues.

“There are a lot of children and bungalows here, plus the Weld Blundell Arms and beer garden across the way.

“I am really surprised Vodafone cancelled the application – I think the key is to get organised as soon as you hear about it.

“I think this gives other people hope and that you don’t have to get dumped with a phone mast. You need to have your say because we live in a democracy.”
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Source: Maghull and Aintree Star, Linda Foo Guest, 12 Feb 2009

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