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Japan ignores power-line warning
Japan Created: 22 Mar 2009
Japan ignores power-line warning
The Japan Times Wednesday, April 30, 2008

According to the following report, http://www.mynewsjapan.com/reports/469 and Consumers Union of Japan's Video report,

"SUEHIROCHO,Kadoma-city, Osaka Japan in Japan is famous town because the power line has concentrated.
There were 160 people who had died in the past 13 years in the town of about 300 people. eighty-two people in 160 people died of cancer. There is a person who died of leukemia called the cancer of blood. 13 people have died within the range of 100 meters in the diameter around the high-voltage electrical power line group. 18 people have died when becoming within 150 meters in the diameter. There were 17 patients who got cancer and were hospitalized and had left hospital. The death age is from 7 to 72 years old. There was a family to whom the married couple had died of leukemia both, too. The deceased person has concentrated on surroundings of the cable buried under the soil the high-tension wire and 14 years 154,000 volts ago. "

The questionnaire of a large amount of death event was submitted to Japanese Government by Diet member.
is low based on the opinion of WHO. "

I do not understand. Only Japan that makes a lot of power lines in the residential area is sure to have to send WHO the result of the survey.

There is still a town where leukemia and cancer happen frequently under the power line in Japan.However, the answer of the government :.
"The necessity for the investigation

There are Yokohama City and Higashikurume City according to the report.

Photograph of power line on side of Yokohama child science pavilion

Source: DN

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