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Neighborhood Fights Church's Cell Phone Tower
USA Created: 22 Mar 2009
It's not the "higher calling" neighbors want in North Andover.

A church steeple which could house a cellphone tower.

The Trinitarian Congregational Church on Elm Street has been granted a permit to lease the steeple, but residents hope their visual protest will call attention to their concerns about potential health risks.

They've posted signs on their lawns reading "Lord Help Us", and "Your Choice Our Kids Health".

"We don't know what will happen in the future. There are no long term studies," says Liz Fennessey, who lives across the street.

Studies about the health effects from the electromagnetic emissions have been inconclusive. But church leaders say the tower meets guidelines put forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

The tower would fill two needs: a coverage gap in cell service in the area, and a funding gap at the church that's facing a budget shortfall. Christopher Lathrop who attends the church, and lives across the street, says he's comfortable with the technology.

"If you calculate what's actually coming down from the tower, and what would come through my house, it's very small."

Residents are now appealing the decision to grant a permit, which could take months to resolve.
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Source: WBZ - Boston, Beth Germano, 20 Mar 2009

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